Friday, March 12, 2010

Lollygaggin' a Bit!

I'm sorry it's been a few days since I last posted.  I have been quilting my spring panel top at night after work.  But I did take a few nights off as my shoulders have been hurting after quilting. I've already torn one rotator cuff and gone through surgery and PT to fix it, so I tend to baby it a bit. But I did some quilting today after work and so far so good!

I hope to finish it tomorrow!  We're having a rainy weekend, so it will be perfect for staying inside and quilting!  Even my little Yogi will be happy to stay inside tomorrow out of the rain and snuggle with his squirrel toy!  He gets the BEST sleep!

Hope you will be toasty warm and dry somewhere tomorrow doing something you LOVE!


  1. Polly... I want Yogi. LOL. He's SOOOOO adorable!

  2. Sorry! No can do! He is so beloved! And soooooo hairy right now. I'll take a photo of him on Sunday after I pick him up from the groomer! :-) Polly

  3. AAWWW, your little Westie is SO SWEET. I had a beautiful girl named Penny. I'd LOVE to have another someday.

  4. Never ever apologize for no blogging! It isn't met to be work....and just think of all the stitching you were able to accomplish without being here. I'll watch for your finish!

  5. With a rainy weekend, Yogi will probably be in your sewing room with you enjoying the hum of your machines.

    And then come Monday, you'll be sharing wonderful photos of your creations.

    Don't ya just wish we could get "good sleep" like our friends? To be so "at ease" with to love it.


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