Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cool Givaway!

Abby Lane Quilts is having an awesome givaway. 

Look at these cute pincushion/thread bag combos! 
Absolutely adorable!
And you could win one or some cool patterns!

I did finish quilting my Rosy Posy Pots quilt this evening.  YAY!  I'll hand sew the binding down at bee on Saturday, then I'll post a photo!  It was the last thing on my goal list for CGQC this month, so I am a happy camper!!


  1. I've often seen this pattern for this giveaway at the quilt shop. They always one made up - so darn cute.

    Is your house now clean for your gathering on Saturday?

    We're off right after lunch to go to Yuma, AZ for the weekend for an airshow that takes place Saturday. We're taking the grandkids with us. Of course, they're SO excited about staying overnight in the RV. For some strange reason they like the RV to sleep in...simple pleasures.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments about THE ABBEY BAGS and the give away at ABBEY LANE QUILTS. Those little bags are really addicting one is never enough. Good Luck in the contest.


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