Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to School!!

I’m talking about my new quilt named “Back to School”, not that I’m going back to school! 


This will be my first fall in 34 years that I’m NOT going back to school!!  YESSSSSS!!


Love,  LOVE,  L. O. V. E.  being retired!!  Soooo wonderful!!


But, do want some new school themed quilts to put out every September with all my collected teacher memorabilia.


This pattern was one of those free flyer patterns given to me  with an online fabric order.


It was supposed to be made with an autumn themed panel, but I just loved the apples, so I just used a cute vintage school print from Susan Branch for the centers of the blocks where the fall panels were to go.


Well, The Queen Mother (aka my Handiquilter Sweet 16 Sit Down machine) is not in my little sewing room- it is across the hall in our home office.


I took Yogi’s bed off my sewing table and brought it in that room… but he does not like it in there on the floor.


He would rather just lay on the floor in the hall at the top of the stairs.


I  used some red stash fat quarters to make the apples.


And some of the many school themed prints for the rest!  And I still have plenty left for a few more quilts!!


I’m thinking of using my Accuquilt GO! and the tumbler die to make a quilt with the smaller school fabric scraps!


Isn’t that backing fabric cute??

I’ve got my granny square quilt all pin-basted and ready to quilt…


but I’m half way done piecing Dime Store - the August Schnibble pattern… so will probably finish the top and then quilt the granny square quilt while I’m waiting for the backing fabric to come in the mail!!


What sewing are you doing this weekend??  Something fun???



  1. Love your quilt Polly! I am beginning to think that retirement maynot be such a bad idea! I would love to spend more time quilting. After reading your blog I looked up the Handi Quilter Sweet 16. Do you ever think you would rather have a long arm?

  2. Love the School Days Quilt. Would you be so kind to say what the measurements of unfinished blocks are and the total size of the quilt?
    Sooooo Adorable!!

  3. What a nice reminder of the good old days of teaching, especially since you are not having to return to the classroom! I'm happy for you.
    I've just begun getting my room prepared for the 2012-13 school year, school begins September 5th....

  4. You and Yogi had me a bit concerned, at first. Beautiful quilt. And, I'm happy you are not going back to school this Fall. Take time to enjoy life on the "outside".


  5. What a great stash of school themed fabrics...Your quilt looks great.
    You sure are keeping very busy during your retirerment. How did you ever fit teaching in...LOL

  6. retirement is so much better than working! I retired in March, haven't thought once about going back... ok once but it didn't last in my head long!

  7. Cute school quilt - and your granny square is lovely! Yogi is so photogenic! Funny he doesn't like his bed on the floor - they definitely know what they want!! o:)

  8. Darling projects and how nice to be retired.

  9. I love your quilt!! And yogi of course,.is he a westie or a cairn terrier barbara

  10. Really cute! Is the free pattern available for you to share?

  11. What a great quilt. I can hardly wait till I retire and can quilt more. Your choices of fabrics and design are truly inspiring. Keep posting - it keeps me inspired! hugs

  12. Great lookiing quilt. Congratulations again for retiring. I'm sure that adorable Yogi is thrilled you are home with him now all day long. I wonder if he's laying in the hallway upstairs because he's like my cat and knows our routine. He might be waiting for you to get ready to leave each day. Our cat does that type of thing all the time if hubby and I both are getting ready. He knows we're leaving and does NOT like it at all so he follows us everywhere while we attempt to get ready.

  13. Lovely quilts Polly. Looks like you're enjoying retirement just fine!

  14. Great work with the Back to School quilt!!! I'm sure you just have to pinch yourself when you think you don't have to go back to work LOL!!!!

  15. This is very cute. Love the apples! And the cutie holding down the quilt, what is there to say?!!

  16. I love your granny quilt and your little Westie is way too cute!


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