Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great Granny’s Marmalade

I finished my Great Granny Quilt-a-long quilt top last month…
but just quilted it yesterday and finished the binding today at bee!!
I am so glad I decided to use my Marmalade jelly roll for this online quilt-a-long.
I think it has such a nice vintage feel to the prints that goes so well with the look of the granny blocks!!
And instead of the white background that is everywhere these days, I used an ecru Kona, which also looks more vintagey, don’t you think?
And this afternoon, while photographing it out on the deck, Yogi wanted to get into the act, too!!
He soooo needs to be groomed!!
I don’t like it when I can’t see his big brown eyes clearly!!
But he soooo H. A. T. E. S. getting groomed, that I wait as long between appointments!!
I’ve got all the sashing pieced and trimmed for this month’s Schnibble, Dime Store, so will be working on that tomorrow!!  Really REALLY liking this new design from Carrie!! 
I hope the backing fabric I ordered online for it, comes in really soon!!
Whatcha working on this week??


  1. Looks fabulous and I always love the photos of your model but Yogi you do need a groom...

  2. I love, love it; and of course the quilt tester is the best!

  3. Very nice job on the Great Granny! Wasn't it a fun one to make? I really enjoyed being part of Lori and Jodi's quilt along.

  4. Your Great Granny is a beauty and looks as though Yogi gives his seal of approval.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful!! Great fabric for this pattern.

  6. Your quilt turned out beautifully!! Love it!!!

  7. Your great granny is beautiful ! I love it
    I will start to quilt mine next week.

  8. Love the great granny quilt, still working on mine. I love it when fur models show up at picture time, it feels so homey to look at all those pics.

  9. What a pretty fabric choice for your great granny quilt. I do love the vintage feel of this quilt. So pretty!

  10. What a lovely finish, I hope to get mine loaded on the frame soon. Thanks for the inspiriation ~

  11. I totally love everything that you make. I love Yogi...Wish we lived closer. You make my day happy. Take care, and keep showing us your beautiful works of art.
    Sharlene Elk Grove Ca

  12. I don't know which is more precious, yogi or your beautiful quilt. The colors on the quilt are soooo perfect. Bobbie

  13. Granny's Marmalade turned out so well, it looks great, and I think the Ecru solid has worked well too, blends very nicely!!! Yogi, is such a sweet dog!!!

  14. Very pretty. I love the soft colors!

  15. I love your Great Granny quilt! So pretty!

  16. Love your Granny Square quilt. I agree the Ecru is a perfect vintage color. What fabrics are you using for Dimestore? I can't believe I got mine done in 2 days, it's a great feeling. I hope you visit y blog again because I'll be showing my Granny Square I made bigger for a table topper.

  17. Love the quilt! I have to try this. I think my table wants a topper! Also, I love Yogi turning to the left as if to say 'Make sure you get my best side!' ;)

  18. You blow my mind how prolific a quilter you are!! With retirement I expect tons more quilts. Do you cook, clean or sleep!! I am also a retired teacher and this is my eighth year of retirement. It is wonderful enjoy and send some of your quilting juices my way!! Love your blog. Maybe I should get a dog like Yogi to get me moving...

  19. ohhhh!!! i did a similar quilt, confetti cake! I'm falling in love this fabrics... kiss for you and yogi

  20. Do you think it could have been Kona Snow? I looked for Kona Ecru, didn't find it but Kona Snow is just very soft off-white, creamy color. Loved the Kona Snow so much I ordered a whole bolt. I'll use it too. Your Granny Square quilt is really nice.


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