Sunday, June 7, 2009

Annual Quilt Show Weekend!

This weekend was our annual Quilter's Unlimited quilt show. It started with classes on Thursday and the vendors and show opened on Friday... so. of course, I had to take off from work to go on day one!! We don't want anyone buying up all the best stuff now do we?!? Saw lots of friends there all day long. Bought some gorgeous fabrics...mostly fat quarters, a few patterns and I've saving the best for last!! I did buy an Alto's Quiltcut 2!! YESSSSSSSSS! I'll take some photos of it all tomorrow and post it!

What I want to share with you today is our lecture by Mark Lipinski from Quilter's Home magazine. He spoke on Saturday night to a packed high school auditorium. He was a total hoot!! We laughed until we cried. As I was driving home, I realized my face hurt from all that laughing!! I didn't see anyone in the audience who wasn't as entertained as I was!! He was such fun!! :-)

He showed us his first quilt. It is quite stunning for a first quilt, isn't it? Of course, you had to hear him tell his story about it!

He told us all about adopting his now 17 year old son from South America. The stories continue about the different quilt designers he's met and worked with and how he designs all his quilts in black grey and white on EQ6. He showed us allot of awesome quilts - many of which were made with his own fabrics. He poked fun at Pat Sloan who is a member of our quild and was there in the audience! She is a hoot to take a class from, too!! :-)

I think everyone's favorite story was when he bought and wore a girdle to a funeral. Picture it rolling down mid service... I'm still laughing about that one.

Another good story was when he spent a layover at an airport sashaying around the shopping area for 4 hours... only to find out later that he had a huge tear in the back of his pants and this was on a day when he wasn't wearing any underwear.... OMG!! Ya gotta hear his explanations.... Hysterical!!

What a great weekend!! A quilt show, tons of vendors and Mark Lipinski!! Life is good!


  1. Interesting post ... chuckle! TTFN Marydon

  2. Great post,
    Mark came and spent sometime in my booth at market. He is such a wonderful, warm and friendly guy..I enjoyed meeting him so much.



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