Monday, June 15, 2009

No Text Tuesday- Summer Dolls!

Let's hear it for summer!!

Yogi's sure ready for summer!

Summer decor in the kitchen!

My watermelon quilt and Tall Annie!

Patriotic decor for the summer!

Family room decked out for summer!

Antique ladder full of quilts!

Annie and Teddy are ready!!

Crazy Annie's on the mantle!

Andy and Annie on the settee!

Raggedy Anna May loves summer!

Big Annie and friends guard my pie safe!

Raggedy Betsy Ross works on her flag quilt!

Biggest Annie holds her friend Rags!


  1. Love your collection of Annie's. Yeah Summer is here!

  2. Well that is a cozy home. I made the watermellon quilt a few years ago..I love it. From the book Best of Black Mountain.

    I love your collections...If you want some SUMMER come on the Atlanta. We are roasting.



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