Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scrapology 2 !!

I took some Kaffe scraps from my stash, cut them into 5" squares and made a new laptop case for myself. I sewed them together similarly to how the big summer tote bag was done.

I fused 2 layers of fleece to the back and used my walking foot and a large curved zig zag stitch to quilt it by stitching across the sewn squares diagonally both ways and then also through the middle both ways. Very quick and easy! Here's the back so you can see the quiting.

Instead of a button or velcroed flap to close the top as it is for a laptop computer, I made flaps and sewed a separating zipper to both and inserted them into the top seam.

I made a large 6 patch pocket on one side of the lining and 2 other smaller pockets on the other side for my cell phone and cord.

When sewing the sides of the lining, I left a 5" space unsewn to turn the tote through after sewing the top seam.

Then I top-stitched around the top edge and sewed up the open lining side seam and VOILA, it's done!! On to the next project! :-)

My Za Za jelly roll arrived today in the mail. I started cutting it up for the Gi Gi Girl quilt. It will take a bit longer to cut this jelly roll quilt as the directions tell you to trim the edges of each piece down from 2 1/2" to 2 1/4".
So I started the cutting and got it half done. Here's my pile of cut off edges so far! Boy those pinked edges really make a mess of my cutting table...but better there than down inside the bobbin area of my machine! Right? The pattern designer explains that by trimming them down, you only need one jelly roll to make the quilt instead of leaving the strips at 2 1/2" you would need 2 jelly rolls! So I totally agree!! :-)
I'm off from work tomorrow, so maybe can get all the big blocks done, but must still wait for the dark brown fabric for the sashing, and the backing and binding, which I ordered but has still not arrived! I'm really loving this quirky fabric.
So, what are you working on??

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  1. Love you new laptop case Polly and the the fabrics for the new quilt. Right now my stuff is in storage -- I'm working on negotiating a contract for a house here in Nashville. It's one of the first I looked at a while back and after looking at a bunch of others, when I went back for a second look it still felt like a perfect fit for me. So, hopefully we'll come to an agreement sometime today and by August I can pull the machines out and get busy sewing again.
    Enjoy your summer.


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