Friday, June 26, 2009

Awesome Block Design

I love being off from work! Just so relaxing not having any deadlines to meet or meetings to go to !! And I get to sew! All day, if I want! Life is good!! :-) Can't wait to retire!!
I finished cutting the block pieces for the "Gi Gi Girl" jelly roll quilt. I sewed up 2 blocks. A fun block to make and the design is so graphic! LOVE IT!

I even love the back of the blocks...every seam so straight and presses so flat!! Silly, huh?

My little Westie, Yogi, is glad to have me home ... he loves to snooze in his bed on my sewing table upstairs! When he's not sleeping there by the window overlooking the deck, he can watch out for those marauding squirrels who love to dig up my potted plants down there!

I will finish the blocks but can go no further on the quilt until I get my dark brown sashing fabric that was ordered online. I hope to get it by Monday!
This weekend my husband and I will be doing some yard work and mulching in the yard, so not sure how much time I'll have to sew on Saturday....but maybe on Sunday! TGIF!! :-)


  1. Anxious to see it when completely done. Very pretty.

    FREE OFFER it is legit ~

    TTFN ~Marydon

  2. This is a great block design! And so easy to do. I made a baby quilt with these blocks about a month ago using a jelly roll. It turned out so cute. You can see it on my blog. I just know I'm going to use the pattern again.

  3. Your blocks look great! Love the colour combinations.... :)

  4. I have come over from Maree's (Farmyard Crafts) blog after I saw the cute little bunny you sent her in the swap.....hope you are enjoying your time off the blocks you are making....great colour combo...

  5. I see above that Sara responded to your blog. I love the GiGi block. I have baby fabric to make a quilt with the pattern. Your work is so pretty. Enjoy the yard, Polly.


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