Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Got It!! I Got It!! I Got It!!

Guess what was in my mail today? My very own mini quilt from the Spring Blooms Swap from my secret partner, Sylvia, from South Dakota! And Lordy, that box was soooooooooo full of awesome stuff in addition to the mini quilt!!

Look at all this cool stuff!! All wrapped in pumpkin orange tissue paper! Things in the box:

a gorgeous tulip mini quilt in blue, white and yellow

a Purple Thang

a spool of thread

a little wall hanger with clips

a magnetic calendar and ink pen

popcorn from South Dakota

a tiny flying geese pin to wear

3 beautiful fat quarters

Here's a close up of the quilt. Sylvia added crystal beads in the center for embellishments. It is sooooooooooo pretty and I am SOOOOOOOOOOO pleased!!

Thank you soooooooooooo much for everything, Sylvia!! Make sure you all check out her blog- .

I have also finished my own mini quilt for the Spring Blooms Swap. I machine appliqued a blue and white columbine flower onto pink background fabric then added 2 borders. After it was finished, I added tiny yellow buttons in the flower center. I like the way it turned out... and I sure hope my secret partner will like it, too. I'm mailing it out tomorrow!!

I also finished my own little pin cushion for that Swap today.

It is a little bunny made from 2 log cabin quilt blocks with long floppy ears and front paws added along with a fluffy white tail and beads for eyes and en embroidered nose. Very fun to create!!
But I am waiting for an email from the swap leader... I have accidentally lost her email to me that told me the name and address of my partner... and I've got the box all packed with the pin cushion and other goodies. I hope I get that email real soon! Like tonight!


  1. You are very lucky with your swap, but your mini quilt is beautiful, too !
    I LOVE your bunny pincushion, have you a pattern to make it ?
    I will love to have you as a partner for both swap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kiss from France

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely gift to receive ... made your day! TTFN ~Marydon

  3. You are so welcome. Your spring blossoms quilt is magnificent. Wished we lived closer, I am certain I could some great techniques from you.

  4. What a lovely surprise you got in the mail. Congratulations...Wonderful.


  5. Both of your creations for the swaps are so cute! Lucky recipients.

  6. Polly your Spring Blooms quilt is fabulous, and the one you received too.

    Please post to the Flickr group if you haven't already so everyone can see.

    Have fun with the Summer swap.

  7. Hey there!! Thank you so much for my super cute pin cushion!! I LOVE IT!! You've been so generous! The fabric is gorgeous too!! Thanks so much for the pattern as well.... and the thread! It's all so awesome... thank you so much I totally appreciate it all. :) I'll be posting about it tomorrow sometime... when I can get my google account to work properly!!! Not uploading anything easily tonight! Thank you again! :)


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