Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to Quilting!

My scrappy Insomnia quilt top made with all Kaffe fabrics is sandwiched and pinned and about a third quilted. I'm back in the dining room using my Juki in the home-made quilting table leaf ( see old post from 3/3/09 )

I've not quilted anything larger than a wall quilt since my shoulder surgery on December 24, 2008. So, my free-motioning is a bit rusty. I'm doing my favorite motif of leaves and curling vines between. I spent about 3 hours yesterday after work and am about a third done. YAAAAAY!

So far so good. I'm using a variegated King Tut thread in red /pink/ orange on the top and a green on the back to match the backing. My son and his girlfriend came over tonight for dinner and just left, so no quilting tonight. It is too late for me to start up at 9:00pm!! Oh, and I forgot to show you yesterday with all the other quilt show buys, the new quilting gloves I bought. They are called Grabaroos. they are a very lightweight knitted glove with little rubber dots only on the finger tips. So far, I like them!

Tomorrow night is our last CQU quilt guild meeting of the year. As we meet in local schools, our guild season runs from September to June with no meetings in July and August. So no quilting on it tomorrow night either! Our June meeting is all fun. We have a potluck for food, drawings for those who participated in community service projects, show and tell and revealing the annual summer challenge! As a Co-President, Susan and I give the current board of officers little Thank You gifts. I've made 25 little pin cushion that will be given out tomorrow night. WHEW!

We've been having lots of late afternoon and evening thunderstorms the last few weeks. My little Westie Yogi finds his crate a cozy haven when those booms make the windows rattle!

He will also scrunch down into the crack behind the back cushions on the couch to catch some cozy comfort! Sometimes he slides all the way down!

Isn't he just the cutest thing??? Can you tell he is loved and spoiled daily??

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  1. What a colorful bright quilt. I LOVE the pooch. TTFN ~Marydon


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