Sunday, October 25, 2009

Three Quilts Completed!!

A box was sitting on my doorstep when I got home from work on Wednesday. My quilts!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :-)
So I trimmed and squared up and sewed on the bindings at night after work. I had some serious house cleaning to do because bee was at my house on Saturday. We had an unusual bee as it was just Linda and I for most of the day. Suzanne is ill and Lorraine's mom was unexpectedly in the hospital. Although she and her daughter Erin did make it to bee by late lunch.
I made chili because the weather was predicted to be cold and rainy... well they got it half right. It was rainy....but too warm for anyone to appreciate the chili... sigh.
But Linda and I chatted the morning away as we both worked on finishing bindings on quilts. I finished all three by Saturday night! I still need to make the label and sew it on the Kaffe quilt.

This pattern is called "Bobby Dazzler" from the Sweet Treat company. I love the vintage looking fabrics. I fussy cut the centers of the stars. This quilt is made with 8 fat quarters then yardage for the borders.

I especially LOVVEEE the backing print!! I have enough leftover to make a Halloween vest!! I just love the polka dotted hats on the pumpkins!! So 50's looking to me!!

This quilt design I just made up! I used scraps and stash Halloween prints and fussy cut the block centers from a cute border print. The skeletons in the black print have cute tennis shoes on!!

I love using stripes for mini-borders and bindings, don't you??? This border is really cute with green monsters parading all around the edges!! I named it "Monster Parade".

This quilt made with vibrant Kaffe prints was super easy to put together. I made the top at our Spring retreat last April. I bought the quilt kit at the Hampton Road quilt show. I named this one "Bohemian Hot Flash".
It feels so GREAT to finish some quilts!! Don't you agree? I've gotta get upstairs and iron the backing and quilt top I want to pin together and get ready to quilt this week at night!!
So, did you all have a productive weekend??? What did you work on???


  1. Wow, beautiful quilts Polly! I promise I'm going to have a productive week - everything is all set up and ready to sew!!! Yeah!!!

  2. Poly, your Halloween and the Nine Patch quilt are both gorgeous! Now you will have another Halloween quilt to decorate with.

  3. Very pretty Polly. Hope someday I'll have a cabinet full of quilts --- that's one of my goals :)


  4. Polly, as always, your quilts are GREAT!

    I always love Halloween quilts to decorate with.


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