Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day Off!

Well, what a nice day off from work! We slept in until 8:00am....what a treat! Had second cups of coffee while watching last week's "Medium" TV show episode on TIVO. Loovvveeeee easy going slow starting lazy days!!! Can't wait to retire!

I did my weekly grocery shopping, got my nails done and was able to even sew a bit! The guild workshop I took yesterday afternoon with Pat Sloan was great. She is just so fun to learn from! It is so nice to see famous teachers whose quilts grace the front of our favorite quilting magazines and find out they are wonderful people, too. She taught us her Crooked Cabin quilting technique. Here we are holding my favorite one called "Summer".
There were 14 ladies from our Centreville Quilters Unlimited guild at the workshop with Pat. It is so fun to see what fabrics everyone chooses to make their project from... no two had the same fabrics.

I brought my Kaffe Fassett and other Westminster fabric designers. Others had florals, Easter baskets, bright children's prints, Christmas prints, signature blocks, motorcycle novelty prints and Loralie nurse prints.

Today my older son and his girlfriend came for dinner. Whoever's birthday it is gets to pick the meal to be made, so she picked Angel Chicken (crockpot) and a family nick-named nut pastry we call "Worms". Well, they are down in the basement- which is lovingly called "The Man-Cave"...with my husband playing Bond 007 on Playstation 3, while I'm up here writing this post! I hope to keep working on my Pat Sloan project tomorrow night, after work. I'll include photos as I go...will take a while to complete this one, I think. Her Crooked Cabins technique is very artsy and the project sort of develops as it goes. The fabrics I'm using are stunning, so I hope the finished project will be, too.

Well, that's it for now! Hope you have a wonderful night! God Bless! Polly

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