Friday, February 20, 2009


What a long week...soooooooo happy it's Friday! Sleepin' in tomorrow!! But do have lots of stuff to accomplish tomorrow. I teach a class Sunday afternoon at the quilt shop. The sample is hanging in the shop but tomorrow I need to make some partial samples to explain the process. And I want to work on my crooked cabin quilt, too. Here's the quilt I'm teaching on Sunday.

You use lace to create the foam from the surf and sew real shells on, too.

It's from a book called Skinny Quilts. It's a great book with lots of gorgeous projects in it!
My Westie is feeling better after his ACL surgery. One more week of no stairs and we can put the baby gates back in storage in the basement. Yippee!! He will need a drastic grooming in awhile... his whole right rear leg is 2 inches shorter than the rest!! Isn't he a cutie??? My third son now, as we are empty nesters....

Well, that's it for the moment! Have a great evening! God Bless! Polly :-)

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