Friday, February 6, 2009


This has sure been a longgggggg week! I am so ready for the weekend! I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. Saturday is my one day a week I can sleep late....of course, late to me is 7:30! :-) So glad it's Friday finally!

I spent 2 hours last night quilting my snowman wallhanging... and paid for it with shoulder pain the rest of the night. That was the first time I've done any free motion quilting since I had my shoulder surgery at Christmas. Sewing and piecing does not hurt much at all, but quilting is different. I had physical therapy this afternoon and was hurting before I even got there! YIKES! Will definitely have to do it in shorter increments for now. And that stinks because I have a bunch of samples for classes at the quilt shop I need to make and quilt so they can be displayed in time for class sign-ups.

I bought a new quilt rack in December off eBay. I didn't put it together and display it until after all the Christmas decorations were put away, as my family room tree was in the way. But now it's up with 6 quilts on it. I think I could actually put 2 quilts on each bar for storage should I need to. I really like it!

It sits close to the wall, which I really like! And I always need more places to store quilts! I have them on an old antique ladder and in a pie safe, too. I'm always looking for more ways to display and store quilts. How do you store your quilts? I'd love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment! :-)

Well, my Westie Yogi is feeling better. It's now been 10 days since his torn ACL was repaired surgically. He goes to the vet tomorrow to get his staples out... I don't want to be holding him when they do that....YEOW! Now that his morphine patch has worn out, he is feisty again and thinks he is superdog. He is not to be jumping on stairs or furniture and I'm having to watch him like a toddler... Our bed is really high off the floor and he is used to sleeping with my husband and I and will launch himself off the bed in the night if he hears a sound, so he must now sleep in his dog bed on the floor and he is mad about that, too. But he is feeling better, so that is a good! God Bless! Polly :-)


  1. HI, I'm Nancy, the owner of Mid-Atlantic Blog ring. I am no longer able to access the blog ring (no matter how many times I type the correct password) so I am sorry to say I cannot approve you right now. I'll do my best to get in.

  2. Hi Polly
    I just noticed that you have been following my blog so I thought I'd stop by and say Hello. I like the pictures of your work. I've been quilting for about five years now. I enjoy it so much. I do other sewing too for my grands and such. I don't sew as much as I'd like but hope to have time for alot more after I retire. I'm really looking forward to May when that happens.

    Your Westie is a cutie. I've got a cocker spaniel. He will be eleven tomorrow. I've had him since about 6 weeks after my husband passed away. He's not quite as spry as he used to be but in good health and a great companion for me.

    Good luck with your to do list. I need to write mine in a prominent place so I'll remember everything that's on it.

  3. Hi Polly
    I just stumbled upon your blog through the Quilters Blog website and I have enjoyed reading your blog!

    I hope your little Westie is feeling better.

    Your snowman wh is looking very cool!
    It looks like you have quite the list to work through. I wish you all the best with your project completions!!!

    Quiltingly Yours


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