Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love these big grommets!

I finished the second purse using those giant curtain rings and really like it! It is a perfect size for my junk and I like the ability to be able to change the way the handles behave. I used only fabrics from my stash and used a coupon at Joann's to get the grommets.

I love mixing black and white with multiple bright colors in a print for a purse. That way, it works for wearing jeans- which I live in daily as well as more chic clothing. I don't have the time or inclination to change purse very you??

I am soooo excited about going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show this weekend. There were three of us going originally but one of my dear bee friends is now ill, so she can't go...sigh. So the two of us will have to shop more to make up the difference!! :0) It's good for the economy, right?

Went to mass this morning at 6:30 and got ashes for Ash Wednesday. And because we eat no meat today, I'm trying out a new French bread recipe in the bread machine I found online to liven up our meal of linguine with vodka sauce and salad. Keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out good!! If it is, I'll share it next time! God Bless! Polly :0)


  1. The purse is darling! I'm with you, those big grommets are great! Way cool looking!

    Vodka sauce... that sounds pretty tasty... seems to me I have a vodka sauce recipe somewhere I use with lobster fettuccine.

  2. The purse is fabulous!!!!!!!!!! We can never have too many funky purses!!

    Quiltingly Yours

  3. CJ,
    The first time you cut that huge hole for a grommet, you hold your breath... then the grommet pops in and the raw edges are sealed up...whew!! You probably make your own embroidered shower curtains, don't you!?! You must be having a blast with your new 830....what's his name?? Polly :0)

    Thanks so much! I really like it, too. It was really easy! And tryin' hard to use up stash scraps!! Polly :0)

  4. Love the purse Polly. It is definitely a keeper.

    Vail in MS

  5. i got grommets from Joann's also, and they were horrible!! they only had 3 little prongs to hold the two pieces together. I've been looking for other options. On the grommets you used, do they pinch together like smaller grommets do? Thanks for any help. Could you please email me at Thanks SO much!


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