Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where do you stash your STASH?

OK, you gotta promise not to blackmail me by sending these stash photos to my dear husband...OK? Promise? Do you wait until your husband is asleep to bring in newly bought fabric from the trunk of your car into your sewing room? You have no idea how often we hear that while working at the quilt shop! So, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! :-) Here's my stash closet.... look familiar??

So, back to the question at DO you organize your stash? By color? By theme? Bundled per quilt to made from it? I actually do all three!

My general blender type fabrics are in stacks by color. Then I have a whole shelf just for florals, but still divided into main colors in each stack.

Then I have a half shelf for Halloween and favorite season by far! And the other half is Christmas and snowmen. I have a shelf with novelty prints and stripes, plaids, and polka dots. A shelf for garden themes and overflow of greens...have more greens than anything. I have a shelf for decor fabric and a whole shelf unit for clothing fabrics, flannels and such. At the top of my stash closet I have clear plastic tubs turned on their ends and they are full of fabrics bundled by quilt project and large pieces of fabrics for backings.

I also have collected a small basket of old hankies and several small baskets of fabric panels...I just love those! I just made a top from a cute snowman panel... they go so quick! Gotta quilt it, though and my shoulder is not quite ready for quilting yet.

I have my fat quarters stored atop my black metal shelf unit in an old antique drawer unit that I removed the drawers from, so it's like little cubbies!

I have my jelly rolls and some other fat quarter bundles stored in a black media cabinet with my chick flick DVD's and VHS tapes.

I've got plastic drawer units for other supplies and scraps, too, but that discussion is for tomorrow! So, now it's your turn! Tell me all about your stash storage system! I love to hear how others store and organize their treasures!! Please do leave me a comment and share!! Your idea might just be exactly what will aslo work for me! God Bless! Polly :-)

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