Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drawers Galore!

So, now you've seen my tiny stash and my sewing room in general. I was just wondering how many drawers I have in my sewing room... ummm ....well, there are 44 drawers in my sewing room. That sure does seem like allot, huh? I love the plastic drawer sets you buy so cheaply these days. I am an anal organization freak, so every machine accessory, ruler, tool, thread, hoop, embellishment, fastener, pin, needle scissor, cutter, button and marking pen has to have a place to live. The small 3 drawer tabletop sets are perfect for saving scraps that are cut into squares and strips for quick scrappy quilts.

I have two sets of bigger three drawer units stacked on top of one another and they are exactly the right size for pattern storage and also for embroidery supplies for my Bernina 640. and I have some baskets on the floor nearby for storing quilt kits, magazines and bundles.

I have two larger three drawer units that fit perfectly under the back side of my sewing table that I use for scrap and coordinated quilt fabrics in bundles. They are on rollers so can be moved out if needed.

I have several drawers in the white cutting station in the corner. They are larger so my embroidery machine hoops and larger supplies fit nicely in there.

The handiest drawers in close reach for accessories and tools are under the left side of my sewing table. My sewing machine feet, scissors, tools, thread, bobbins, machine needles and such are all stored there nearby.

And both of these drawer units are also on wheels and can be moved out so I can store my rolling sewing machine cases back behind them.

It is a pleasure to be able to sew and just turn and reach easily a different foot or a tool right next to me. One of my favorite storage containers is my green craft bag with the carousel that allows it to rotate. When I need to pack up stuff for a class or retreat, all I have to do is pick it up and put it in my tote and everything I use the most is right there!! What a find!
So, now you know how VERY anal a sewer can be! Hope you don't catch it looking at my 44 drawers! Jeez...44 IS allot, isn't it? YIKES!
Have a great night! God Bless! Polly :-)

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  1. I think your sewing room ROCKS! I too am a huge fan of plastic drawers. I have 62 drawers in my sewing room, LOL


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