Sunday, February 22, 2009

Skinny Beach Quilt Class

Today's skinny beach quilt class went well, I think. Everyone seemed to enjoy the class and most all either completed the wall hanging sans embellishment and binding or were real close! I consider that a success!
And if they didn't enjoy the sewing, at least they had home-made iced brownies, fresh coffee and soothing music! Working with wonderful batiks and tropical ocean colored fabrics in itself is quite therapeutic in the middle of a cold winter day!

The groups of ladies were so fun and so into their creations that it was a thrill to watch as they chose their layers of fabric to depict their personal versions of the ocean as the color changed from shallow at the sand to deepest blue at the horizon! Such fun and no right or wrong way! No quilt police allowed!! Sewing and quilting is my personal therapy and bliss, so I don't want anything including unbendable rules to interfere with students enjoying not only the process of quilting but the product, as well.

Now, I hope to get back to my crooked cabin quilt tomorrow after work. I am LOVING the way the blocks are turning out and especially the self-made fabric made by sewing strips of various widths of different fabrics together then cutting it into strips to piece into the quilt between blocks. So fun and absolutely gorgeous made with Westminster florals in rich jewel tones. YUMM! This is my center focus fabric for the blocks.

I've also got a new purse cut out for myself, again using the large grommets like the one I made last week...but I'm thinking it will be a better size for all the junk I carry around! Here's the pattern I'm making by Indigo Junction.

Then I've got to make a purse sample from the newest Quilts and More magazine- the cute on on the front. If it turns out well, I hope to teach it at the shop in the spring.

Well, that's it for now! Time to watch the red carpet part of the Oscars then what red blooded women would miss seeing the sexiest man in the world host the Oscars???? Hugh Jackman.... true eye candy! Woohoo! :0)

How can you NOT have a fun evening!?? Take care! God Bless! Polly

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  1. LOL! Eye candy indeed :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing your crooked cabin quilt, that sounds really intriguing!


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