Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Jack Tabletopper

I'm still going strong with makin' Halloween things!! This cute pattern is in the newest Fons and Porter's quilting magazine. It's called Happy Jack. Their version is a much more muted country look for Halloween. They even sell it as a kit in the back of the magazine.

But, I've loved Halloween forever, so have a ton of scraps from previous projects in a tub in my stash. So, I ordered the wire stand from and just used my scraps to make the little quilt.

I really love making scrap projects because as you sort through the bin you remember fondly the other projects you made with them! Do you do this, too?? I really love the hotter, brighter colors for Halloween. I especially love lime green and purple with my orange and blacks!!

The applique pieces were fused then machine blanket stitched around the edges. The accent lines around the eyes and the web and legs on the spiders were also machine sewn.

The eyes of the spiders are small white seed beads and they were sewn on by hand... 'cause I couldn't sew them on by machine... not a huge handwork lover!!

I loved the little frown line made by the print. I'd like to say I fussy cut it to make it a frown... but it just happened by chance! The quilt goddess was on duty when I cut it out!!

Rather than sew on a little split sleeve, I just used the bent quilt pins to attach it to the stand!! The things we do to avoid hand sewing, huh??
OK, so leave me a comment and tell me your favorite Halloween memory from childhood!!


  1. I do not have many halloween memories because we were too poor to go trick or treating but I did endulge my kids as they grew up. You did a lovely job on this.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this little quilt...and the stand. I knew IMMEDIATELY that it was from the newest Fons and Porter magazine because I hope to make it. I love making just about anything that has pumpkins. I LOVE pumpkins, anyone that knows me knows I am a "pumpkin person" (yes, even my body screams pumpkin...LOL)

    Now that you purchased the stand, I might have to see just how much the total cost would be for me to order it, it's darling.

    Again - I LOVE this!

  3. Ob how I loved going trick or treat with my friends. We carried pillow cases and got tons of candy and goodies.It was so much fun to dump it all out on the floor when we got home.

    I love your project and the adorable stand!

  4. Wow...lovely Halloween quilt and I love the black stand.


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