Monday, August 10, 2009

My Back to School/Work Purse

Back when the Dick and Jane fabric line came out, I- like every other quilter who learned to read with Dick and Jane books, ran out and bought some and made a quilt!! Thought I had a photo of it on my laptop...but can't find it right now... sorry!
Anyhoo, I decided to make myself a new purse to take back to work at the end of August when I have to go back....UGH.
Just the thought is BEYOND depressing...
So, I searched around in my stash scraps and found some leftovers!! Enough for a new school purse.
I do so love this fabric!! Life was so simple in these books.

I especially love the mother at her sewing machine.

I love the dog and cat in all the stories. Priceless!!

The language was so sweet and life was back then.

My son's girlfriend Susan wants to make a purse for the first time . She picked out this pattern from my drawer. So I wanted to make it up myself first, so I could teach it to her .

What I like about this purse is that it needs no fastener. The handle runs through 2 loops on each side and automatically closes the purse when picked up.

I only put one pocket on the inside as I use a purse insert for all my stuff, so don't really need any pockets. It is the perfect pattern for a new sewer to try out! I'll be making it with her on Sunday! Wish us luck! It should be a fun time!!


  1. I love Dick & Jane books...I buy the vintage ones whenever I can. Classic!

  2. I remember those books well! Love the purse -- perfect for a school teacher :)

    Vail - whose unpacking pile keeps growing and growing and growing :)

  3. Polly your purse is adorable. Are you a teacher? I love your header quilt. Did you design it?

  4. Thanks so much for the comments and compliments! :-) Yes, I am a teacher. I taught mentally handicapped kids for 27 years before accepting my current resource teaching position with assistive technology for special ed - I have 9 schools and over 150 kids that I support here in Fairfax county public schools. I go back to work the last week of am trying to sew everyday until then!! My poppy quilt on my blog header was inspired by several other poppy quilts I'd seen, but designed and created by me! It hangs in my family room! Thanks for asking!!

  5. Such a cute purse! Which pattern did you use?? I love those fabrics.

  6. OH MAN...Now I'm going to have to get into all that Dick and Jane fabric I bought.

    Wonderful purse/tote..


  7. I have that same pattern. It is the first bag I ever made. And the teacher and two student teachers of my oldest daughter, last year, got large ones of it, that we made them in their fav colors, so they didn't have to lug 5 bags at a time. Love that pattern!


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