Saturday, August 15, 2009

"I See a Leaf" Quilt

I made this quilt top last September. I finished sewing the top and had it all sandwiched and pinned with batting and backing...all ready to quilt. Then I tore my rotator cuff on my left shoulder at work. So, it sat all ready to be quilted now for almost a year!! Now that I'm back to quilting, I finished quilting it yesterday and completed binding it today at bee. Label is on it, too!! YAY!! The pattern is one of my all time favorites- Yellow Brick Road. Such fun and mindless sewing! No thinking involved! A great pattern for stress reduction!!

I had in mind a quilting motif within each block and tried it and didn't like it so ripped it out. Then just went with leaves!

I made all different sized leaves based on the size of the block pieces. Then in the border I quilted meandering leaves and curly vines. Leaves are soooooo my favorite motif... another mindless stress reducing activity for me. Sorry the up-close photo is sorta fuzzy!

We had bee today at Suzanne's house. You should see her new furniture in her sewing room.... how awesome! You can fit three of my tiny sewing rooms in hers. And she is on her way to Russia for vacation next week! How cool is that???? And, today for lunch at bee, her dear husband made us absolutely scrumptious bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches! YUMMY!!
Well, my son Anthony and my husband and I are on our way out to see a movie tonight- "The Getaway". Hope it's good!! See ya!


  1. Love the quilt and the cup Polly -- hope the movie was good.


  2. You are right Yellow Br.Rd. is a great mindless project. I have made several of them as gifts.

    Enjoy the movie.



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