Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three Work Tops Done!

Well, you probably remember seeing this top pattern before, as it's a favorite one of mine for work clothes. I've only got until next Thursday off. My school year begins a week from today! YUK!! Yesterday I cut out 8 new tops from this pattern. I cut out a large black and white check fabric and a pale iced aqua linen fabric, a gorgeous purple / royal blue / pink / green print fabric, a wild striped fabric with sunflowers on it,, a stunning Alexander Henry multi-colored floral and one other I can't recall right now...

The top only takes about 2 hours to finish. I 've made it so many times now, I can probably do it with my eyes closed!! It's a quick and easy one that is so versatile... can be dressed up or down.
This is another fabric I've cut out for one. I just love black and white. I bought this fabric at Quilt Odyssey a few weeks ago. Can't ya see this top worn with black or white pants over a lime green or hot pink t-shirt with matching jewelry?? This one is called "Night & Day" by Robert Kaufman.

This one is also in the stack to be sewn up tomorrow. It is called "Fresh Paint" from Marcus Fabrics. Kinda wild and crazy but cheerful and reminds me of a Chicos type print.

Well, I got three sewn up today and will try for 4 tomorrow... if errands to be done don't get in the way! My son Anthony is going back to VA Tech either tomorrow or Saturday early... so gotta help him get ready to go back to school, too. UGH!!


  1. Oh, Polly, I LOVE this pattern. Is the skirt included as well? Would you be willing to share the pattern name/number?

    And yes - the idea of hot pick under the top is HOT!

  2. Cindy, it is an old pattern by now...had it a couple of years... Butterick 3532. Yes, the skirt is included, too. I just love it...sorta boxy...but fun to dress up and down!

    Hey, did you ever find your Chelsea Boutique jelly roll??

  3. Whoo hoo so glad ya liked them!! Was a joy to send them to you hon!! Thank you!! Would love to see a pic of where you place it!!
    Jounal Wrecking comes from a book about learning to journal and use an artistic sketch book. It encourages you to let fly and literally destroy the book in the process. I think you also learn abit about yourself in the process... Jamie Ridler offered a weekly online group to work through the book. They have just finished..this group is the gals who want to keep going. I was clueless too!! LOL
    Have a great weekend!! Hugs, Sarah

  4. Oh I admire you for making your clothes..I'm not a garmet maker...everything I make looks sooo home made..I have a friend who makes beautiful things. As for me I'll stick to quilts.



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