Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a slacker!!

Well, I can't believe it's almost been a week since I last posted here! YIKES! In my defense, I was at Quilt Odyssey for 4 days , but should have posted as soon as I got back... but was inspired to get some sewing and quilting done after seeing all the gorgeous quilts there!! So, after getting back Sunday morning around
10:00am, totally exhausted, I had to get the normal weekend chores done like getting groceries as the fridge was empty and doing laundry and unpacking all my sewing gear taken to QO for classes. And I took a longgggggg nap!! I never sleep very well away from home! Do you? Even with Tylenol PM... :-(

But yesterday, I did sew up a cute purse. I'll post photos of it as soon as I take some. But I promised to share with you the gifts I made for my three bee friends to use at QO. I made us all a portable seat sewing organizer.

I found some cute Mary Engelbreit border print fabric and used polka dotted , checked and striped black and white ribbon to match as well.

I saw a pattern for one on the web, so I just looked at it and made some adaptations and created my own version. I made mine first as an experiment and had to make a few adjustments for theirs. I used my embroidery unit to personalize them with our names.

There are two side flaps that have ribbon attached to tie around the side rails of the chair for support. The side flaps have pockets for thread and ruler and rotary cutter and scissors. The front flap is large enough for a book, magazine or several patterns. The foam fabric covered seat cushion is sewn into the back of the unit.

They all fold up and tie shut with ribbon and have two wide ribbon handles for carrying. We all used them at the classes we took at Quilt Odyssey. When your machine is sitting up on a table, it always seems you are too short to sew comfortably when you are seated, so having a bit more height helps! Take care!! :-)

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  1. Awesome gifts. Know they loved them. Can't wait to see more of what you've bee working on.



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