Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clickety Clank...ARGHHHH!

I'm so bummed! I was happily quilting away on some new Christmas stockings this afternoon when my machine started clicking and clanking I was frankly scared to keep stitching...afraid that I'd further damage the machine. So, I stopped...sigh.

Tomorrow I'll call my Bernina guy Fred, and see if I can bring it in. RATS! :-(

But I can show you how far I got. I love this panel of 4 stockings. I fell in love with the illustrations and especially the curled toes. I embroidered our names at the top of each stocking with black thread. I free-motion quilted with multicolored metallic thread on the outlines of the illustrations and the stripes and checks and toe and heel patches. I finished the quilting on 3 of them and was about half done with the fourth when the machine problem began.

This one is mine!! Here's what the quilting
looks like from the back.

Here's a close-up of the name at the top.

This one is for my husband.

Here's his from the back!

This one is for my younger son, Anthony.

Here's his from the back...

not sure why this photograph is so yellow?

This one is for my older son A.J...

and is only about half done!! DANG!

Well, once I finish the quilting on this one, I have to cut them out along with the lining and back side and a loop to hang them with. Shouldn't take long at all to finish them up.

Wonder how long my machine will be out of commission... not too long, I hope!!


  1. Stockings are adorable. Hope your machine is fixed in a jiffy.

  2. Oh, Polly, I'm so sorry. I surely hope your machine isn't at he doctor's office too long.

    Your stockings are just too adorable. The quilting on the backsides look great - good enough to be the front side!! I've never seen these stockings before - they're cuties.

  3. Your stockings are lovely. What a shame the machine went clickety clunk just before you got the last one finished.
    Hope you have your machine fixed quickly.

  4. Polly, your Christmas stockings are so beautiful. Christmas is such a fun time and handmade stockings are the best. Hope you get your machine fixed...and very soon too.


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