Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Knocking Off More UFO's

I finished the other fall quilt with some awesome binding with Indian Corn printed fabric. I named this one "November Rows". Kinda like the row design concept! This is only the second row type quilt I've made. Have you made some? What's your fav?

This next quilt I finished is a gift for my dear mother-in-law. It's a jelly roll quilt which was really fun to make. I named it "Roses for Yaya". My mother-in-law lives in a assisted living home for seniors in Georgia. She was the most wonderful mother-in-law ever. I could not have hand-picked a better mother-in-law. She was always there when my kids were little to help out and she was so loving and giving and full of fun. She is over 90 now and is losing her memory.

I wanted to make her a quilt with cheery colors but a vintage feel... I think she will like the colors! I think she will like to cuddle up with it in her recliner in front of the TV. And maybe she'll remember me when she touches this quilt that was truly made with love?

When I get the rest of the UFO's covering up my cutting table in my sewing room finished, then I'm going to make some new stockings for our mantle and a cool Santa wall hanging for over it! I'm always so busy in November making gifts for my family for Christmas, that we have not Christmas quilts of our own!! I am determined to make some stuff to KEEP for us this month!!

Do you make gifts for your family and friends for Christmas? What are you making this year???


  1. Oh my goodness! Polly! You are on a roll! I love YaYa's quilt. The colors are very sweet. I'm sure she will love it too. The quilt in your header is really pretty.

    Right now I'm working on a baby quilt for a great neice born just yesterday. In September and October I worked on fall quilts and got three done. Pretty good for me!

  2. Hi Polly popped in to see you through the Fall Swap. I love your work. Yes I have made a few row quilts. Using up scraps.

    I am sure your MIL will love her quilt and cuddle it and hopefully remember you.

    I have made a lot of Xmas things for the bushfire surviors of Victoria Australia. I hope to make some for us as well.

  3. Polly,
    Love the new quilts, especially the one for your mother-in-law. She is going to cherish it.


  4. Oh Polly it's always a pleasure to stop by and see your quilts. MIL's quilt is as sweet as candy and will certainly cover her with love.
    Thanks for the inspiration I'm finishing up two Gail Pan BOM's then it's time get started on some more gifts!

  5. Your MIL will feel safe and cuddly wrapped up in her loving quilt, Polly. So thoughtful of you to make it for her.

    Yesterday I finished our GD's coat for Christmas.

    I, too, rarely find myself making Christmas things for hubby and me this time of year so I'm trying hard to change that this year - as you know I already made "Light Snow" FOR US - and today I am going to start a very simple table runner FOR US. And, I "hope" to do a couple other holiday themed creations for hubby and myself.

    Having said that - I have things on the back burner that I hope to get done for Christmas as well - a wallhanging by request for DD, a requested small wallhanging for DIL, a Christmas dress for GD, more ornaments, my November Schnibbles and then the December Schnibbles.

    Sheesh - I'd best quit typing about what I have to do and go get started....LOL

    Always a pleasure to see what you're up to, Polly. I love stopping by and seeing your wonderful creations.

  6. the November Rows...and the quilt for YaYa is priceless. Love coming here to see what you're doing.


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