Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Decor

My house has now been decorated for Thanksgiving
since the day after Halloween.

I put out all my scarecrows in November. I've probably made a zillion scarecrows back when I had booths at craft fairs back in Florida many years ago.

I love my pie safe which is chock full of quilts.

I love that maple leaf quilt on my red chair.
The border fabric has scarecrows dancing around it!

As you can plainly see, I love maple leaf quilts for fall.

They are everywhere!

The quilt above the mantle is my design, too.
It's quilted in swirls and embellished with crystals.

This scarecrow is one of my first!!
It's about 20 years old now.

My sisters and I all made these bears with
4 different seasonal jackets and hats.

The ceiling looks curved in this photo...weird!

This happy guy is another favorite scarecrow of mine!
Love his hat with seed packets!!

Everyone has to have at least one HUGE acorn, right?

This turkey is really old, too!! Maybe 25 years old ??

Love this quilt! It's the one at the top of my blog.
The batiks really pop!

I didn't make this little lady...but love her dearly!!

Here's one of those new panel quilts I just finished last week.

A little pie safe to go with the big one!

This happy guy has a heart-melting grin...
my sisters made him, too.

I bought this guy at Homegoods last fall!
Love the button-hinged elbows!

I made this little low bench in the kitchen
bay window for my Westie Yogi.
He sits on it and watches the squirrels
sunbathing on the deck...
they drive him NUTS!!

I made those placemats at last year's fall guild retreat.

The kitchen has some resident scarecrows, too!

Yogi would be mad if he knew I have a
perky squirrel on my counter!

I even found cutting boards with scarecrows on eBay!!

The hand painted fall scene on the
middle shelf is also a favorite of mine!

Darn that flash... my photography skills need allot of work!!

This guy has a pumpkin face on the other side of his head... Voldemort in the first Harry Potter book!! :-)

The little wooden car on the window sill holds special memories. My sister Patty and I both bought them together at a craft fair I had a booth in many years ago. It has "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go..."

Don'tcha just love the purples and gold and oranges of fall??

Only a few weeks until Thanksgiving! Can you believe it?


  1. Wow! Your home is just bursting with fall! Very festive! I just noticed the picture of your sewing room at the bottom of the page. What a great room!

  2. Oh my word - what a FALL HOME, Polly. It's so inviting! You definitely have a home that welcomes - even us blog followers.

    I REALLY REALLY love your quilt above the mantel. It reminds me of looking up into the sky and looking at a tall Maple tree with the wind blowing the leaves - making the tree shiver because Old Man Snow is headed his way.

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos of your lovely home. I truly enjoyed each and every one.

  3. Wow you sure have a lot of wonderful things to decorate your home. Well done.
    I also looked at yur NEAT sewing room,very nice and the dog looks at home there in it's basket.


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