Sunday, November 15, 2009

Looongggggggg Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a very LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG day for us. My husband and I drove to Virginia Tech to spend the day with my son Anthony who is in grad school there. He's been sounding really sad and lonely on the phone lately. Working on his Master's degree at Tech, all his friends have graduated and gone on to jobs instead of staying for grad school, so he has few friends still there to knock around with. We took Yogi with us, too, as we thought he would also cheer Anthony up a bit.
Anthony was happy to see us and we had a nice but short visit. The trip takes about 4 hours by car... so that's 8 hours in the car yesterday. We left at 6:00am and got home about 9:00pm... WAAAAAAAAAY too many hours in the car!! But we are glad we went. He did seem very happy to see us! :-)
Today I'm finishing up the new Christmas stockings for the mantle. I finished the machine work on them, but am now sitting in front of the TV watching football with my husband while I stuff the curled toes of each stocking and hand sew the lining closed. I'll post photos of them later!
Here's the last quilt I had to bind from the long-armer. It's a simple snowman panel quilt that I'll put out in January. I love the soft colors of mostly pale blue and teal with bits of green and butter yellow.

The coordinating fabric looks like a knitted cap. I appliqued a mitten on the four corners with blanket stitching around their edges. The faces of the snowmen are just precious!

Hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing Sunday!

The sun is finally out here!! :-)

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