Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laid Back Sunday

What a nice relaxing day! We did get up early to go to 7:30am mass, then out to breakfast at Silver Diner. A nice walk outside with Yogi... can't believe how warm it's been here lately! I still have my geraniums in big pots on my front steps... usually by this time in November all my geraniums are long dead and thrown out from freezing cold temps.
Can you believe I snuck back to bed and
took a 2 hour nap mid morning??? AWESOME!!
When I got up the second time, I spent some time in the sewing room and finished the blocks for the "It's A Wrap" quilt. The pattern requires only 25 blocks for the quilt and suggests you use the leftover 5 blocks to make a table runner.... but when I laid them out on the design wall, I decided to just make another row on the quilt so it's a bit bigger. However, I do need a bit more light fabric for the sashing now, so will get that tomorrow.

I really love these funky bright blocks!

I'm looking forward to quilting this one!

Tonight I was checking email on my laptop and watching the Grinch on TV...
Yogi really didn't like the Grinch at all!

Every time the Grinch came on-screen, Yogi started barking and trying to jump up to get him!

What a good protector

of the Christmas spirit!!

His heart is definitely NOT

three sizes too small!!


  1. Oh goodness, Polly, that quilt on your design wall is coming out so wonderful! I just love it - I love just about everything Sandy Gervais does.

    But, I DO have to admit - It think the pics of Yogi are my favorite - just too adorable.

    FYI - I love the "Grinch".

  2. Polly, your quilt is lovely and the colors are just perfect!


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