Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa's Ready!

I finished my Santa wall hanging for over the mantle! YESSSSSSSS! Have you ever made one of the fusible grid method quilts? I love making them! They are so easy and fun!! You cut the little squares from scraps 1 7/8" . You place them on the fusible side of the grid following the gridded pattern.

This Santa was made in three pieces-

two mittened arms and the head.

I like placing the squares on the grid...

kinda like a mosaic puzzle!!

Next you sew all the seam in one direction-
I did all the vertical seams first.

Then you press them in one direction.

Then you clip all the seam allowances
at the opposite cross seam spots.

Then you fold and sew the opposite direction seams.

And you're done with the quilt top! Then use it as a pattern to cut out the batting and backing. You sew it wrong sides together, leaving an opening to turn it through. Turn it through that opening, press it well and hand-stitch the opening closed. The quilt it as desired and add the embellishments.

I bought the finishing kit for this pattern which included the fuzzy beige trim, the eye buttons and glasses, the wooden nose and the jingle bells.

I used a heavy variegated thread and grid quilted Santa's suit. I quilted fall lines on his hat and a big curl on her mittens.

My favorite part I quilted was his beard with big curls using a shiny silvery thread. I can't wait to see how it looks hanging above the fireplace. I'm thinking I could make a garland for him to hold at each end in his mittens that would spell out

"We Believe"....



  1. Tell us about his mustache! He is adorable.

  2. The pattern gives you the mustache shape to trace and cut out of fabric, stitch together right sides together, turn and stuff lightly. I handstiched it on down the middle.

  3. I've heard of grid patterns but never have seen one. This was a kit then? Love it - so absolutely perfect for over a mantle or on a long table, his arms opened wide offering to come in and sit.

    Would you be willing to share where this came from, Polly? I just love it. Even if I didn't get to make it until next season, it's definitely one I'd love in my "to do" pile.

    Any info you'd share would be appreciated.

    Yours is just too, too cute.

  4. I had to post again and share with you - the coded word I had to type for the last comment on this post was "Nick-la" - how perfect!!!!

  5. I think this is wonderful! And We Believe is perfect for his chubby hands! Is this a kit?

  6. Thank you all so much for leaving a comment! The pattern is from Happy Hollow Designs.
    You can buy just the patterns or you can buy the pattern and a finishing kit which includes the embellishments to complete the project after you've made it with your own fabrics. The fusible grid can also be purchased from them, but Joann's has it, too, so you could use a coupon for it that way. I like the fact that you can use up your own scraps with these patterns because the squares you need to cut are quite small!
    So far, I've made this Santa, another skating Santa, a Jack O'Lantern and a snowman. Scroll back through my old posts and you'll see all of them.


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