Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blogger’s Quilt Festival

On Election night, I

think this little quilt

is so appropo!!  :-)


I had bought this

tabletop quilt rack

for a cute little

Halloween quilt, but

wanted to make other

little quilts for other

holidays.  I saw a pillow

in a magazine with

this design and thought it

would be perfect for

displaying in my home

for summer! 

I hope you like it, too!

Make sure you go

visit the other blogs

displaying their quilts

for the festival!

Bloggers quilt festival

Go here to check

them all out!!

Happy Election Day!



  1. Very cute. I think I want to get me a rack sometime for round the year small hangings. Very fun!

  2. Love that quilt holder!!! Where did you find it? I agree..perfect quilt for election day.

  3. That little quilt and quilt stand is adorable. Can't wait to see other holiday minis. :)

  4. I love your quilt! & your rack! LOL!

  5. Love your little quilt!! So cute! And the festive decorations for your party were very cute indeed! Have a wonderful and good quilty week!

  6. Your quilt is perfect and the rack is such a unique way to display it and any seasonal quilts that you make. What a great ideA!


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