Sunday, November 14, 2010

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Our scheduled bee date yesterday was cancelled as one of our members had a death in the family.  I spent the day sewing anyway at home as nothing else was planned! 

I so enjoyed sewing all day!

I really needed to get my

Secret Santa Swap

project made and in the mail ASAP!So, I pulled these fabrics from my stash… hmmm… what could I make from these fun prints??


I sewed them together along the long side and pressed the seams open.  I took a piece of fusible the same size, folded it in half and freehand cut out a Christmas tree.


I ironed it onto the strip piece and cut it out about 1/8th inch inside the edge of the fusible.  I also added fusible onto the scrap of brown and then cut out the tree trunk.


I peeled off the paper and pressed it and the brown trunk onto the white and green polka-dotted background fabric.  Voila!  Tree!!  :-)


I cut strips from a pretty red Christmas print from Kate Spain’s “12 Days of Christmas” collection for the borders and sewed them onto all four sides.


Now comes the fun part!!  Decorating the tree!! :-)

I ironed fusible onto some fussy cut red ornaments from the same fabric and then onto the tree.  I pressed fusible onto another red print fabric and cut out a bucket, then fused it on top of the tree trunk.


I quilted it, added blue rickrack at the inner edge of the border, and white snowflakes from rickrack, too. 


I hand sewed little black and white checked bows on the top of each ornament and blue buttons in the center of each snowflake.


I added a big double bow on the bucket.  I bound it with a wonderful green Dimples fabric and finished it up with a fun Christmas label on the back!  Taa Daa!!  Done!!


If you joined the Secret Santa Christmas Swap this year, this fun little door quilt might just be coming your way in the mail!!


And all day, as I sewed and quilted, guess what someone was doing in my sewing room the whole time???


That Yogi gets the BEST sleep!!

What a life, huh??

What did you sew this weekend?  :-)



  1. The tree is adorable. Guess I will need to make one. You made it look so easy. Glad you had a great day. Happy quilting.

  2. Aren't you just so clever and creative. I'm in the swap, and I surely wouldn't mind receiving this in my mailbox!

  3. YOur Christmas tree quilt is sew cute! You are very creative!

  4. Wow that is amazing Polly! The tree is absolutely adorable!

  5. Is it for ME....I would love secret santa packaged is leaving on tuesday....
    mmmm will she be surprised..wish I had of thought of a Christmas
    you are good.

  6. I started my Secret Santa project this weekend too. Hoping to finish it for next weekend to put in the mail. Love your project!

  7. Darling wall hanging! Yogi looks very happy in dreamland.

  8. So clever. And freehand too. Like the colors.

  9. Adorable, adorable, adorable and so is your super cute door quilt!!!

  10. OMG that is cute. Can you PLEEEEEEZZZEEE make one for our White Elephant at work?!?!? People will go bonkers:)

  11. Awesome tree -- as usual:)) No sewing for me. I'm two days into a nine day babysitting stint with daughter's 3 (18 mo, 3 and 5) while she and hubby are in Hawaii celebrating their 10th anniversary. I'm tired already!! But they are too much fun to say no to. I'll hit the sewing room again when they get back.


  12. I Love it, Love it, Love it.....I want to try it!!! You are SEW creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had joined the swap but alas I didn't know about it until just now. I'm always a day late and a dollar short.


  13. So cute. Wasn't sure how it would turn out from the first few pics but you sure surprised me.

  14. Love your tree Polly-
    What a clever idea- thanks for sharing your charming Christmas tree- It looks like you had a fantastic time creating it.
    It sounds like a very fun project- your swap person is going to love it too.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  15. That is just gorgeous. I really like the fabrics you used.

  16. Adorable! It'll go on my "for Christmas next year" list LOL! This year's list is already too long!

  17. That is so cute. Did you know that I'm in the swap - yes of course you did becasue I'm your partner, aren't I. Please

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  18. Oh what a another wonderful idea Polly. Oh I am in the Secret Santa Swap. Oh It may be mine!!

  19. Hope you are my Secret Santa! This is so stinkin' cute!

  20. Oh Sew Cute! I'm not in the Secret Santa Swap so I know it isn't coming to my house ...... but I can use this idea for inspiration and make one of my own! I'm thinking a snowman. I spent the entire weekend working on my scrappy log cabin quilt. I'm a little over half-way done. I'm happy!

  21. AND A LABEL!?!? I love it!

    I need to get the lead out! lol!

  22. How Cute! Just love it, I need to have a sewing day to finish things up.

  23. Cute!!!! Great swap gift. I'm still working on mine. This swap is so much fun. I've been sleeping like Yogi instead of sewing.

  24. I totally looooooove this! Can't wait to make my own!

  25. Let me chime in here too---that tree is ADORABLE!!!

  26. This is adorable! I know that your partner will just love it!!


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