Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tiny Gobbler Quilt

Wow!  Isn’t it amazing how one tiny

little extra hour of sleep can make

you feel soooo much better??

I got to spend some needed time in

the sewing room today as hubby

and son were both out of town!

I wanted a mini-quilt for my

wire tabletop stand to display

in November, so I made a cute

little turkey with a Pilgrim hat.


I have an Art to Heart book by

Nancy Halvorsen with different

pillows for every month… and

it had a cute turkey pillow for

November… so I changed the size a

bit and added another row of tail

feathers… and then it was



I love, love, love using a purply

blue with the fall leaf colors of red,

orange and gold… it really makes

those colors POP!!


I used fusible applique’ but did

not do a blanket stitch around the

edges, but a straight stitch in black.

I quilted the words “give thanks” and

just stippled everything else.


I sewed on black beads for eyes and

added a red folk art heart button.


I love the Indian corn fabric for the

tiny inner border and had an old

Thanksgiving print for the outer



You can see how the blues in the quilt

over the mantle, the quilt on my red

chair and now this Tiny Gobbler quilt,

really showcase the colors of fall!!

So, what did you do today after an

extra hour of sleep last night??



  1. He is adorable! I love all the attention to details and that Indian corn inner border is perfect -- Happy stitching-

  2. Your wee quilt in that gorgeous frame just looks divine.Great pattern.
    Love the way you have your home decorated for Fall.

  3. Oh, I just love that little turkey! How cute! I was sewing as the clocks changed way into the wee hours of the morning, then got happy because I had another hour, tee hee! ☺

  4. Sitting here at 3AM I am still loving your turkey. Your home looks so warm and inviting.

    Thanks for sharing the idea....

  5. Love the turkey quilt! It's adorable!
    Your home looks beautiful!

  6. Nancy Halvorsen is one of my favourite designers and your turkey mini quilt is fabulous - such warm autumnal colours.

    Your room looks so cosy and inviting :0)

  7. Your turkey quilt is very cute! Love your color and fabric choices!

  8. mmm that could be a mug your room looks very inviting and yes you love leaves lol....

  9. It was great getting that extra hour of sewing time wasn't it? I love your little turkey and the great little mini quilt stand.

  10. Great turkey quilt! How do you hang the quilt that is over your fireplace?

  11. Cute cute--perfect for that spot! I am impressed with what you can do with just an extra hour!

  12. Very cute Polly! I think I'm going to have to find that book! LOL Have a happy day!

  13. Love the little turkey quilt. Your whole room looks just beautiful!!! The colors are great. Bonnie in South Texas

  14. Your turkey is adorable!! I like how your room is all decorated for fall!

  15. Your turkey quilt is wonderful! I love turkeys! I looked for turkey fabric this year for a table runner, but haven't found what I was looking for. Of course, I didn't look to hard.Thanks for sharing this great project with us!


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