Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mug Rug Mania Strikes!!

I have succumbed to the pressure…
the pressure of Mug Rug Mania!!
Thanks to all the eye candy that my
blogging friends (Samme and Jodi)
have tempted me with…
I had to make one!!
I’ve been into owls now for awhile.
Another reason to buy more fabric??
Well, my mug rug was not
inspired by a mug!
It was my owlish wisdom… yeah, right!
I used all stash scraps to strip piece
the brown for the tree.  Strips were
from 1 1/4” to 1 1/2” wide.  Then I
I pieced in the branches and used
fusible applique’ for the owl.
Isn’t the background fun??
The fun part was the quilting.  That’s
the best part of these mug rugs…
  it easily fits under the machine
arm and you just pretend
the needle is your pen
and the thread your ink! 
Draw to your heart’s desire!!
Now it’s your turn! 
I showed you mine, now
will you show me yours?


  1. This is sooo cute! I love the owl. Owls seem to be very popular. I made a mug rug for a swap partner and forgot to take a photo! I may have to follow your idea - if you don't mind! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your mug rug. The owl is so cute!

  3. How cute! I think I need to make a mug rug.

  4. VERY CUTE! LOL!!! Oh, the pressure...I need one with a Christmas theme!

  5. Whooo....has the cutest mug rug? You do!

  6. The owl is a nice touch! I like how natural it looks sitting in the tree.

  7. So very cute, great idea how you designed it all. Love the owl and string tree! I just bought a mug today and will be making a rug to go with it. Have another project to finish first. Yes, I'm hit with mug rug mania too.

  8. So CUTE! I'm going to have to find a small space of time and sit down and make one (or two..... or three...) of these mug rugs.

  9. Loved it so much I went into my sewing room and made one. thank you Polly for sharing.

  10. And who is the WISEST Of them all...YOU that's it Polly..and thank goodness it was not prissy, sweet and impractical like mine..I may have had taking you off my blog list lol

  11. Too Cute! Mug Rug Mania! Jumping on the bandwagon soon!

  12. You mug rug is adorable!! I love the owl - he is soooooo cute.

  13. Love your mug rug! Just made my first and posted it on my blog. What a cute owl and design!

  14. Your mug rug is just the cutest. My BFF is an owl would be the cutest gift for her. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!!

  15. Cute! They are addictive aren't they?

  16. O my heck this is so cute! Are you sure it does not need a home in Delaware? :)
    I made my first mug rug last weekend and I cant bring myself to set a mug on it! Its like a mini quilt... who wants to stain that with hot chocolate?

  17. What a "HOOT." I am catching the bug, see one in my future real soon. BettyLou

  18. Way too cute. I'm going to look for that Hoot fabric and make one. Thanks for showing us your clever idea.

  19. Great mug rug!!! Love your owls. These would make great holiday gifts. You know seeing your project is tempting me to begin making mug rugs, too! Have a fabulous Sunday!

  20. THat owl is so cute

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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