Saturday, November 27, 2010

Say Cheeeeese!!

Guess what I bought for myself!


YUP! A new Nikon Coolpix P100 camera!

I love, Love, LOVE it already!!

But, it came with an UGLY black

case… with no strap?

I mean, what is THAT??

Well, I needagottahave a new case, right?

Soooo, I made one!  You like? 


Feeling a bit guilty about spending yesterday afternoon and this morning in the sewing room instead of taking down Thanksgiving decor and going out and getting the tree and getting the Christmas stuff out of the basement and getting the house decorated… sigh…

BUT, in my defense, I couldn’t let my new camera just sit around with no cozy safe home, right?

Sooooo, wanna see how I made it?

I used 34 charm squares, fusible fleece, a bit of yardage for lining and strap, a bit of Velcro and some cool buttons.

I trimmed the charm squares to 4 1/2”.


I sub-cut them into three 1 1/2” strips,


then sewed 4 different strips together.  You’ll make 25 blocks but will only use 22 for the bag, unless you choose to made the extras into more pockets. 

I laid them out in two rows of 6 blocks, alternating the direction of the strips, then added 2 blocks for the bag bottom- use photo as a guide!


Stitch them all together, press well, then lay it on top of fusible fleece and cut out 2 layers of fleece- pay attention to the sticky side of the fleece!


Quilt the bag piece any way you like.


Lay this piece right sides together on top of lining fabric and fusible fleece and cut out one of each.  Fuse the fleece onto the wrong side of the lining.


Layout 6 more blocks in three rows of two each for the top flap.


Stitch them together, trim off the bottom corners


and then fuse on one layer of fleece, cut out  a matching lining piece


and sew them right sides together, turn right sides out and quilt as desired!!


Select 2 blocks for inside pockets and cut out two 4 1/2” squares from lining fabric.  Put right sides together, sew around the squares, leaving an opening to turn them through.


Press well and pin on lining above the bottom rectangle.


Stitch around three sides through the lining and fleece to secure the pockets.

Sew the short ends together on both the outer bag and lining pieces.


NOTE- leave a 4” opening in that side seam on the lining piece.


Next pin then sew the three seams to form the bottom of the bag


on both the outer bag and lining pieces.


Cut out a fabric piece 6” by 32” and       a 2” by 32” piece of fusible fleece, for the strap.  Fuse the fleece onto the wrong side of the fabric about 1 1/2” in from one long side. 


Press that 1 1/2” fabric over the fleece then press the other long side about 3/4” in toward the center. 


Now press that side over the other side and all raw edges are enclosed. 


Topstitch through all thicknesses… I sewed three lines of stitching on each long side with variegated thread.

Now, we’ve finished all the different pieces and can assemble the bag!

Pin the top flap and strap ends to the top of the outside bag and stitch on using a 3/8” seam allowance.


Pin the lining to the outside bag around the top seam with right sides together. 


Sew the seam slowly, removing the pins as you get to them…


this is a really thick seam so be careful!

Turn it right sides out through that lining side-seam opening.


Pin and stitch this seam closed.


Pin the top seam flat and topstitch through all thicknesses about  3/4” down from the top. 


Again, this is a VERY thick seam, so go slow and be careful!


Almost done!  Cut two matching pieces of Velcro to fit in the flap point.


Hand sew one piece to that flap point and the other piece at the matching place on the bag front.


I added three buttons sewn on top of each other on the front flap for fun!!


I am realllllly liking the look of this!!


It would be a cute purse, too!!

You could also use the remaining three blocks to add more pockets inside or even here on the back, right?

camera bag insdie

So, you like????

(Notice I made a strap cover out of the leftover backing fabric from my Orange Slice quilt…took like 3 minutes to make!!)


And guess who slept the whole time I was making this in my sewing room??


YUP!!  My little snoozer, Yogi!!


MAN, he gets the BEST sleep!!

So, what did you do today?



  1. You will LOVE your new camera! My husband bought this one for me earlier this year, and it is fabulous!

    Your little bag is just perfect! I'm green with camera bag envy! =)

  2. LOVE IT. And LOVE YOGI. What did we do today? Decorate, decorate, & decorated more. But I did sneak off to Jo Ann Fabrics. (o:


  3. What a wonderful camera and ofcourse you had to make it a new home.
    Thank you for the tu. Great use of your new toy. LOL
    Yogi looks happy too.

  4. I just got that camera, too! I love it. I made a camera strap cover, that was as "fancy" as I got. Great tutorial.

  5. WOW Love the bag! LOVE the camera!!! Great tutorial!

  6. Polly love your camera and your bag you are so talented. I may just have to try this.

  7. Good for you for treating yourself!! Thank looks like a great camera too. Thank you for sharing the tute for the bag... what a great size.... may have to make this :)


  8. Great camera and bag. Love Yogi, we have a westie as well Fegus. He is usually asleep on my feet when I'm sewing. He is only 2. Today he was mishchevious. I had a bag on the floor full of product to put into xmas mugs.
    I know bad idea, well I turned around and he was eating a candy spoon. Can't blame the

  9. Very cleaver, every new camera deserves a new quilted case. Look forward to many goo pictures on your blog. BettyLou

  10. Love your camera bag Polly. It will definitely do your camera proud:)


  11. You're just the bestest, Polly!! You make me smile in everything that you do. You're an artist with your fabric.

    I truly miss you.

  12. it....yes I do..perfect case!

  13. Oh man...I want one! Actually, I'm just waiting for my daughters to move out...I haven't had custody of a camera for 4 years.

  14. Wonderful tutorial! Makes me want to make one for my camera. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love your camera and your new bag. And I love the way Yogi sleeps cuddled up with his little stuffed bunny rabbit. That is precious! Got my house about half way decorated. No sewing done for me! Darn.

  16. This is wonderful! Such a "happy" camera bag. I have the ugly black one :0( But maybe not for long ;0)

  17. Well, if I wasn't jealous before, I sure am now...I want to be able to sew like you!!! That is THE cutest bag EVER!!! Great tutorial but I'd never make it thru...I've got to take some sewing classes ASAP. I can sew well enough to quilt, mend, but my 8th grade Home Ec skills are seriously lacking in the finer points. I love you blog, BTW. It's one of my top 3 blogs I read everyday. You always have something interesting and your blog is so colorful. Can I be you for a day so you can show me all your computer/sewing skills. That's all I want for Christmas!!

  18. First of all, that is a fabulous camera - which you probably already have discovered! Second, I love your camera bag, and thanks for the tutorial!
    And last but not least, I think you'd like checking out to find more great tutorials just like this one!

  19. That is so cute! (And so is your ironing board cover)
    I don't have a camera bag....or a Nikon (yet, I hope!!!)
    Maybe I should make the bag now, so when I finally replace my yucky Kodak I'll already have a case!

    Thanks for sharing your tutorial, Polly!

  20. The camera looks like a lot of fun. ACE has some fun photography classes starting...I am going to take another one!! Love the new camera case too:)


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