Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to Work!

Today was first day back for Fairfax county teachers.  We had an all day staff meeting…sigh


I kept thinking about how much

                  I’d rather be at home with


sewing in my studio…


I’ve realized how little “teacher” stuff I have to put out for September.  So, I dug out some stuff from my teacher supply boxes in my basement to put out… still not much.  So, I’m working on something new for my front door …


I’m about half done…  and I can only work on it now after work at night… sigh… so bummed…



  1. Oh I so hear your pain! I am in exactly the same boat! We were suppose to go back tomorrow for teacher in-service, but Hurricane Irene has given us a day reprise--so many still have no power!

    I just can't get my mind into going back--I so want to be at home! Only a few more years! :(

  2. Oh, Yogi looks like he misses you!

  3. I have a daughter who teaches in Alexandria, VA so I know what your saying about back to school. Somebodies got to do it.
    I just love that Yogi.

  4. Yogi is sure a cutie! Have a blessed school year. :)


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