Saturday, August 13, 2011

A New Go! Tote

I know that AccuQuilt sells a rolling cart for the GO!
but I’d rather spend that money on new dies and fabric!

 But the little bag you get with the GO!
does leave allot to be desired!  YUK!

 So, I decided to make a
much cuter tote for my GO!

I measured the GO! and decided to store it
 in the tote with the handle up, so I didn’t
 have to figure how to design the tote around it!

I cut a big piece of vintage Mary Engelbreit fabric from my stash, some batting and backing and quilted it all over. I cut off a strip to use for the handle along with some 2” wide webbing. I pressed the long sides of the strip under about 1/2” and cut the webbing about 1” shorter at each end than the quilted strip.

 Then pinned the quilted strip on top of the webbing.
I stitched close to the edge down both sides
 and also down the middle.

I folded the extended end of the quilted strip
 under the edge of the webbing on both ends.

I folded the large quilted piece in half and
sewed up the two side seams.
 I zigzagged the edges to finish them.

I boxed the bottom corners and cut off the
 excess and zigzagged those edges, too.

I bound the top edge with a cute black polka dot fabric.
 I sewed the short ends of the strap on the bag
 over the side seams.

I sewed some velcro on the
top edges to close it.

I really love how it turned out!

It looks cute on my shelf and the tote is strong enough to carry my GO! to bee!! And because I saved money by not buying the cart, I just bought two more dies!! Woo hoo!!
And guess what my Yogi was doin’
 the whole time I was makin’ this tote?

YUP! Just snoozin’ away!!

 What a life, huh??! :-)


  1. Love, love your idea for the Go! tote.

  2. Very smart and very stylish:) I'm enjoying some cooler weather in PA with my mom (78 degrees) after being in TX where it was 106 and above.


  3. What a great looking tote for your Go! Wonderful job.

  4. Great idea.You've got two in one; A beautiful tote to store your Go and with the money saved you got yourself new dies. That's a very smart way out.

  5. It's wonderful! You're amazing! And you know, Yogi is really paying very close attention to what you're doing, making sure that everything is going just just think he's sleeping...LOL!

  6. Very cute! And a brilliant idea! What dies did you get?

  7. What a great tote fot the GO! Very nice.

  8. Go! Polly, Go!!! Good sewing there, and a lovely tote you have made indeed. I love that you can buy more dies because the machine isn't near as much fun without dies. Happy sewing to you today! God bless too!

  9. What a great idea Polly- I love Mary Englebreit Fabrics- such a lovely piece and wonderful to find in one's stash. The stash is the best place to shop.
    Thanks for sharing your terrific tutorial.
    Enjoy the beginning of your new school year.
    Warmest regards,

  10. I love this Polly - I have a Go and I'm going to star this post so I can make one for mine too. :) blessings, marlene

  11. I LOV GO!!!! In my next trip to USA I'll buy one and bring me to Spain! I hope i can coming back in 2012 to USA, I love your country!


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