Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scrappy Scarecrow Quilt

I mentioned in a previous bee post that I had finished a fall quilt that I had begun at last fall’s local guild retreat.


I had such fun making this quilt because the scarecrow panel was an old favorite one made by Daisy Kingdom in the 90’s and I used doll making leftover scraps to do the patchwork.


So,when I look at this quilt, I can remember sooooo many dolls and fall critters I had made back in the day of my many fall craft fairs back in south Florida.


Look at this fall scarecrow I made decades ago…  you might see the fabric in the quilt border!!


This is one of the fun things about using scraps for quilts… they become memory quilts and thus so much more valuable to us!!


Do you have special quilts made from special treasured scraps that are just like seeing old friends again when you open them up?



  1. Love it! So fun and so fall! I miss fall weather....

  2. Gorgeous quilt. I love the colours. I made a quilt out of the scraps my making my wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses.

  3. I LOVE that quilt!! I love quilting with fall colors the best. We don't do Halloween around here but that quilt is perfect. Love scarecrows and pumpkins and corn stalks...I need to make a fall quilt now. :)

  4. Love that quilt and the memories you sewed together in it!!! It just makes me want to cuddle up on the porch and watch the leaves fall!

  5. I love the face of that scarecrow.

    I haven't worked up the nerve to start my own special fabric quilt yet. What I want to do is take an enormous sweatshirt I bought and wore constantly when I was pregnant with my daughter. I've got the fabric to go with it, the basic idea for the quilt...I just can't get myself to make that first cut. But at least it's out of my closet and up in the sewing room!

  6. I just love that quilt - colours are so vibrant and warm.

  7. Low quilt Polly.
    Yes I have made lots of scrappy quilts and they do bring back many memories.Just fun quilts to make.
    Lovely new background too.

  8. Your quilt is adorable, I love the fabrics! It will be perfect for fall!

  9. o my, that is fully rad


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