Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BEE-utiful Friends!

I am so very blessed in so many ways.  I have the most generous and wonderful bee-mates!!  We had bee on Monday at Linda’s gorgeous house.  Look what my phenomenal bee-mates gave me!!


And I was feeling sorry for myself during summer school as they were all off and going to quilt shops around the country (Keepsake, Hancock’s of Paducah) and to Quilt Odyssey in PA… and I was working summer school…

Aren’t bee friends the BEST???  MINE ARE!!!

Thank you dear friends!!  :-)



  1. Yes I think crafting folk are very loving and giving.
    You received a beautiful stash of goodies from your friends Polly. Enjoy!!

  2. It looks like they did the next best thing if they couldn't have you with them. What generous, thoughtful, wonderful friends you have!

  3. Wow - how cool is that? Fantastic friends to have.

  4. What precious friends you have. They were really thoughtful and brought you lots of great goodies.

  5. Great gifts from great friends.

  6. What lovely friends and lovely gifts!


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