Friday, March 1, 2013

A New Month and A New Home!

It seems like forever since I have posted here!


I am sorry that I’ve been out of touch these last few weeks… months!  (As I catch you up on what’s been happening here, I am showing you photos of our new temporary “home”!)


We put our home, of the last 15 years, up for sale at Christmas.  The fourth showing bought the house, but wanted to close on February 28th!!  YIKES!! 


So, for the last 2 months, we’ve been in a super fast-forward mode! 


We moved out of the house completely, last weekend, and have spent the last few days, getting all the nail holes spackled and the paint touched up, at the house!! 


We closed yesterday afternoon, and are now

“House-less”!! Smile


We have rented a small two bedroom apartment in the same area, and are having a house built about 20 miles west of here, in Haymarket, VA!!


So, we have been living here in the apartment for 5 days, and I think we are getting used to a very much smaller place. 


Yogi was a bit freaked out as he watched all our things get taken out to the truck…”why are they taking my couch away"?”


But when he got here to the apartment where all our stuff was, he calmed down allot!  He is almost eleven years old now…so not having any stairs is really a blessing to him! (me, too!)


So, welcome to our new tiny world!  I have put up a few things on the walls to make it look a bit more like a home…even though we will only be here about 6 months!


The apartment has two small bedrooms, but the second one is 2/3 storage and 1/3 my husband’s home office.


I have staked claim to a corner of the dining area for my sewing nook!!


I should have never complained about how small my old sewing room was, huh??


The house we are building is a bit smaller than our last one, but it will seem enormous after living here for 6 months, right??  LOL!!


So, even though I have some errands to run today, I just might be able to sew later!!  It’s been 2 months since I sewed anything…

and I SEWWWWW need to!!


What have you been sewing on lately??



  1. Just remember, "and this to shall pass". Just go hug Yogi, look at that face, talk about a stress release.....precious.

    Go sew.


  2. What a deal to go through. But, worth it all in the end I'm sure. I finished a cute quilting-tool cube this week. And, today I'm putting a binding on a baby quilt going to the military families. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Six months will fly by. Good for you guys, moving forward is a good thing.

  4. OMG you have been sew busy packing moving and unpacking but your little apartment looks cosy with some of your lovely work placed on walls and around the home..
    Yogi does look a little confused but I am sure he has settled in by now..
    Do hope you got to stich in your corner and stitch.

  5. Oh gosh, Polly. I do not envy you. Hope you get to sew soon.

  6. You have made your temporary abode very cosy and functional, it looks to be a nice space to live in for a while. Yogi looks quite comfy too now that all the upheaval has settled!!
    Yes, that sewing fix is definitely essential, hope you get to play with some fabric real soon!!!!

  7. Yogi looks happy on his sofa! Your new place looks great! I live in VA too!!

  8. It looks like you've thought the move out completely and have set yourself up a wonderful temporary home. Six months will fly!

  9. It's a wonderful home temporary or not!

  10. Welcome to your temporary home, Polly. You'll be surprised at how quickly the time will pass. Looks liked you've lived there forever.

    How do you manage to keep Yogi so clean?

  11. I recently did what you are doing! We sold our house in three days and had to find a rental quickly. The difference with us is that we moved 1000 miles! I am impressed that your temporary place looks homey. We had to live surrounded by boxes and bare walls for six months. You are so right that your new house will feel big!

  12. I bet you're itching to sew! You have made your new apartment look lovely and homey, and it's got modern facilities too which is a bonus when you're renting. We live in a big house with 3 small kids, but sometimes I think living in a smaller place and having less "stuff" would mean a less chaotic life!

  13. Your new apartment is sweet :) It is actually just about the same size as our house! Except I do have one extra room for the sewing since oldest son moved out. Happy stitching :)

  14. Looks like a nice little apartment and I'm sure you'll appreciate the space of the new house even more after living in a small space.

    I like your little sewing corner! As long as you can get to your fabbies and threads, you'll figure out how to make it work for you.

  15. you know this will be so worth it....your apt is very nice....and I am sure your new home will be that a sewing machine table that your sewing machine is sitting on?
    Molly says hi to Yogi.....:)

  16. preciosa tu casa nueva !!de seguro tu nuevo rincón de trabajo sera tan inspirador como el que tenias !!!
    un beso y espero ver algún trabajo tuyo pronto !:)

  17. I'm so glad you said House-less and not home-less. Home is where you have love. Yogi looks happy.

  18. So glad to hear that you have "landed" temporarily. Yogi's sweet little face brought tears to my eyes ... just like my Brady's ... I miss him a lot. It is good to get back to sewing, even if in a small and confined area. Lot better than not sewing. Judy C in NC hopes you are taking care of yourself.

  19. So happy to see that you are at least somewhat settled....remember time will fly by....just enjoy the time you are there....take caare

  20. You have made this place a "home" too! It is lovely, and wonderfully TeMpOrArY. You'll be reminded of that when you hear your nearby neighbors,lol! Anyway, get to sewing, and the time will pass swiftly and pleasantly ~

  21. I did nearly the same thing when we moved to Germany. We stayed in a hotel for 2 months. And with only 1 bedroom and 2 college students sleeping on the pull out sofa. And I was still working. Crazy. Good luck sewing. following by email

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