Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Test Post!

I am testing writing and publishing a blog post using my BlogPress app on my iPhone.

Today I made this little passport carrier to keep my passport secure under my shirt while traveling!

It has just enough room for my credit card, room key, passport and iPhone!


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  1. Your iPhone test worked great, from my perspective. Although, I too wonder where is Yogi's passport?


  2. Looks as though your iPhone blog post worked out pretty well! Great idea for your passport when travelling!! I see that Yogi is wondering how he is going to hide his passport LOL!!!!!

  3. Your post worked, the passport carrier is cute and Yogi, as usual, is adorable.

  4. I just downloaded blog press as well. Was it easy and self explanatory?
    Looks like Yogi needs his OWN passport carrier, LOL

  5. Lovely passport carrier I had a leather one but I am sure a fabric one will be more comfortable. I will look for BlogPress for my iPad .Thanks for the tip. It worked well.

  6. Love the pouch and a wonderful idea. Will you be giving Yogi to me while you are away? Lovely picture of him and thanks fro sharing. Judy C in NC

  7. Just don't do what my Mom used to do which was pull it out constantly in public... kind of defeated the purpose LOL

  8. You will love it! I have been there done that, a few times in my early 20's in the 60-70's and it was wonderful. You will not regret your decision to go. Have a blast!


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