Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quilting Again!!


I finished the 6 placemats and large table runner from the Strawberry Fields fat eighth bundle.  Whew!


The table runner is super big… 25” wide by over 100” long!!


The table we will buy for our new house will be a long one, so I made this runner long!!


But in making it so long, I learned a valuable lesson! 


This little sewing table in this little corner is way too small for anything that big!!


It was a pain to quilt!  So, no more big stuff to be quilted here!!  If I make any big tops while here in this tiny apartment, I’ll put it away and quilt it later when I’m in my new sewing room in the house!!


A bloggy friend, JoAnne, sent me this photo she found on Facebook…  we couldn’t decide if it was cute or creepy…  what do you think?

Yogi cake

I don’t know if I could ever cut it to eat it!!


Yogiboy agrees!!


Soooo, whatcha sewing on?



  1. Lovely set for your table Polly..
    Hmm Creepy and I don't like it at all.
    Yogi looks much handsomer..

    I am off to sew a Mini for a Mother's Day swap..
    Is it Mother's Day first week in May in your part of the world??

  2. Oopss It is the second Sunday in May..
    Father's Day is the first Sunday in September

  3. You have been busy with your fat eighths! Nice work on the runner and placemats! Hmmmm, cute or creepy.....jury's out....!!!! But whoever made it was quite artistic, ......I think, you'd have to wonder......why......!!!!

  4. I've been peeking in on you in the apt. Doesn't it feel good roses again? A mini break...before moving again.

  5. Ha ha! I'm thinking creepy! I'm loving the placemats with the scalloped edges! The long runner will look stunning on a dining room table, too. Have a great day!

  6. The runner and mats are just the fabrics.

    That cake is a little too realistic looking! WOW.

  7. that cake IS creepy! Love the shape of your placemats :)

  8. Not everybody can afford to build their own new house and there are many wonderful quilters out here making big and glorious quilts in small corners of small apartments!

  9. Oh the cake is adorable! Although I know what you mean - eating it would be a bit of a problem - especially the face. Lovely placemats - and lovely shapes too!

  10. Hi Polly! Love your new projects, especially the scalloped edges on the placemats, I've been meaning to try that. I think that the cake is adorable, but eating it would be creepy...

  11. HI! Polly, Lovely placemats and runner ,will look lovely in your new house. Love your Yogi Boy too he is so cute. Yes!! the cake is a little creepy.

  12. I love the scalloped edges. These look easy. I need to make some also. I have bee sewing on my grandson a quilt. This week I have been sewing the rows together.

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