Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Making Do!!

I finally have a finish to add to my sidebar list!!
Before, I always had my Big Board on top of my ironing board, so it didn’t matter how the cover on my ironing board looked…

But I will not be making any large quilts here, so the ironing board cover had to be recovered!
I found a cute 100% cotton décor weight fabric on sale at Joann’s.  I cut the fabric about 4” larger than my ironing board top and made a casing all around and used thin elastic for the gathering cord. I did add a layer of batting under it, as well. I think it looks perfect!  On to the next project!!
No design wall here…and can’t make more holes in walls adding one… so I bought a flannel backed tablecloth, folded one edge down to make a casing.
Bought a tension rod and slipped it in!!  Voila!
Portable design wall!!  YAY!!
So, I can put it up when I need it and roll it and store it in the corner when I don’t!!
Here’s one of the placemats I’m making from the bricks I cut from the Strawberry Fields fat eighth bundle.
We are in the middle of the “Snowquester” here in the DC area!!  
It is really coming down!
Schools and businesses and government offices are all closed!  So DH is home today!
We are both still in our jammies!!  Watching movies and had a frozen pizza for lunch!!
What are you up to today??


  1. Yes, in my book moving counts big times. We moved here 7 years ago from WA, where both my husband and I lived all of our lives!! Moving is something to count!! Yogi is cute in the snow!!

  2. Very cute ironing board cover! I love you idea for a design wall. Might have to try it myself

  3. We had a snow day yesterday as that snowstorm moved through Illinois. It would have been nice to have someone home with me, but me and Dottie Dog played in the snow when I wasn't shoveling. The ironing board cover and design wall look great. I still have to get my sewing area organized.

  4. Good grief, Prudence is all upset that you are having a snowstorm and ate a "frozen" pizza - I had to explain. Where's Yogi's coat?

    Have fun.


  5. Don't you just love a fresh, new ironing board cover? I'm do for one but I keep putting other stuff first. I'm bad - but my ironing board cover is "badder"...LOL

  6. Necessity is the mother of invention and quilters certainly know how to make do when we need something. Love snowstorms and Jammie's.

  7. Oh Yes! Moving a house you have lived in for 15 years counts! Twice actually - it is so much work.

    Your little blog story about make and do reminds me of when I was first married and in our first apartment. I too had a sewing machine tucked away in a little corner where I made curtains, pillows, placemants etc. That was many decades ago. Kind of fun isn't it? The anticipation of a new home in the near future.

    A nice lazy snowed in day....good too....we have a few of those every year up in Canada. I don't mind them at all.

    All good stuff. Have fun.

  8. My husband and I moved into a new small 1000 sq foot home with our three little children in 1975. We moved out in 2001!! That is 26 years. Our whole life in that little house. I understand what you are going through. We have moved twice since. The older one gets the harder it is. I am enjoying your moving posts and I look forward to seeing your new home.

  9. The ironing board cover looks great, as is your design wall, necessity is the mother of invention!!! All that snow looks a bit overwhelming!!!!

  10. Your ironing board looks great & so much nicer than anything you could buy in a store. I especially loved the design board. I don't have a designated sewing room and thought I would never have room for a design board - you showed me otherwise. I have everything I need to get one up today. Necessity has made you one inventive & creative lady. Have fun & relax on your snow day. You both both deserve a little down time after the move.


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