Friday, February 7, 2014

Clothes for Betsy!

My dear friend Linda, just got a new Bernina 750 sewing machine and she is so happy and excited!!!

linda's 750

So, I had to make her new machine, Betsy, a pretty cover to keep the dust off!!


I had some awesome scraps leftover from the “She Who Sews” quilt, so I used them!!


She doesn’t have Betsy sunk down into a new sewing leaf in the big studio table yet, so I had to sort of guess the size according to the machine dimensions.


But it seems to fit fairly well!!!  YAY!!


Happy Birthday, dear Linda!!

IMG_2194.JPG (2)

Yogi was really closely supervising me while I made it!!  LOL!!


What are you up to this weekend???



  1. Lucky Linda, love your new sewing machine cover..
    Oh and a Happy Birthday!!
    We have no power right now sew no machine sewing but can pick up my cross stitch...

  2. What a nice friend you are! Linda is blessed, indeed, with a thoughtful friend and a new sewing machine! And dontcha just love that fabric! I can hardly wait to sew my Lily a 'dress'.
    Blessings! from another Linda

  3. What a sweet friend! I just love the “She Who Sews” fabric and it works so well for a sewing machine cover!

  4. Way to go Linda for getting that nice Bernina and how sweet of you to make a covering for it! What are friends for anyway! The fabric is awesome. Great job.

  5. Yay for Linda! I would dearly love one of those machines o:) And, what a beautiful dress you made for Betsy!

  6. Very cute! I love the jumbo ric rac and the ties. So glad you have such a diligent supervisor. How are you liking life in the country?

  7. Happy Birthday, Linda! Love the beautiful cover for Linda's new machine! And of course, I always love to see Yogi! Have a great weekend!

  8. What a fabulous idea! Hello gorgeous Yogi.

  9. Lovely sewing machine cover , lucky Linda !!

  10. What a great and thoughtful gift you made for Linda! Yogi looks like the master supervisor! I'm doing the same thing I've been doing for the past I don't how many weeks -- shoveling snow and more snow. It's been snowing all day here again. I'm getting claustrophobic from being surrounded by 5 and 6 foot deep snow piles and drifts and I just want to see grass, even if it's brown!

  11. Congrats Linda on your 750 Bernina! I want one but keep saying no to myself, but after seeing how happy you are holding yours, it makes me want to go and buy one. And wow, to have a friend like Polly to make you a cover for it, is special….I love friends who are happy for one another!

  12. I made my friend a cover for her machine for her birthday. They are fun to make and I just love Thad fabric. How come you weren't in Madame Samm's hop for that fabric ? Happy Birthday Linda love your new machine.


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