Sunday, February 9, 2014

Landscape Quilt Class

I took a "Picture Piecing" Workshop on Saturday through our local quilt guild!


These are some of their quilts they brought to share with us!!


The two teachers, Maggie Ward and Rosanne Williamson, were wonderful!


Their method uses freezer paper… the same method taught by Ruth McDowell.


These are the samples of the quilt they taught us to make.


This is mine! 


Next time I’ll make better fabric choices!!


I really enjoyed the class!


The other ladies there were so nice and fun to chat with as we sewed!!


The Dog TV channel has a  free preview weekend going on now.  I put it on for Yogi this morning when I left to go to the grocery store… he’s tired of the Olympics!!  LOL!!



  1. I like your fabric choices - very pretty. Landscape quilts always amaze me! Freezer paper is what I use often for applique patterns, but I never considered it for something like this.

  2. I think your fabrics work really well Polly. It looks great.

  3. I think your fabric choices are excellent! Particularly the fabric for the grass.

  4. Looks like a fun workshop. I really like the second one with the inner patchwork pieces. I agree with the others on your fabrics.

  5. Your fabric choices are perfect! I was just wondering where you found that great grass fabric for the bottom. It fits right in!

  6. I think your piece is beautiful! Now that looks like a fun class!

  7. What a great class that must have been, but, as far as fabric choices go, I like yours the best of the samples shown for the class. I feel that the flowers in the second sample were too large and threw it off balance. Just my opinion though. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your fabric choices...what would you want to change about them? I've never used freezer paper for anything quilting, so I need to investigate this!! I love landscape quilts and wish I could have taken this class with you!

  9. Your choices are perfect :) And what time did you do groceries? It looks like the middle of the night lol

  10. What a neat class! I love looking at all the landscape quilts. So does Yogi like Dog TV?

  11. I think your fabric choices are great , a little quilting and it will give it so much life , great job !

  12. I think your picture quilt looks great. There is nothing wrong with your fabric choices! Frankly, Yogi, I'm sick and bored of the Olympics too. Australia does not participate in a lot of the events. We don't need it on two channels 24 hours a day!


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