Thursday, February 13, 2014

“SNOW”-chi in Virginia!!

We got about 18” of snow last night.


That might be the norm for some places,


but not here in northern Virginia!!


And they tell us we will get more late afternoon!!  YIKES!! 


As long as the power stays on, we can do this!!


Guess who couldn’t care less??



  1. Stay warm - and hopefully your power will stay on. We usually get snows like that here in South Dakota. But this year our part of the state has only gotten 2-3 inches at a time. We haven't YET had a heavy snowfall like you just got. Other parts of the state have, but not us. Yogi looks happy napping on his cushion and under his very own blankie.

  2. I hope you are all well!
    Maybe crawl up under an extra quilt?
    Stay warm!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  3. Staying indoors definitely sounds like a good idea. Enjoy your Sew Day.

  4. Oh how I feel for you! About 3 years ago this February, we had a snowstorm here in W. PA that dumped 27" on us. For this storm, Pax, we weren't supposed to get anything more than flurries. They lied! We have about 4 inches once again. I am sooo ready for spring. Yogi looks like he would make a good cuddle buddy. Stay warm :)

  5. The weather world wide has forgotten the rules!
    Yogi is in the best place and probably doesn't care whether it snows or not as long as it is warm under his blanket inside:)

  6. I used to live in Northern Virginia many years ago (I am from the middle of Virginia). Hope you enjoyed your day!

  7. Stay warm! Hope the power stays on for you. This much snow calls for more quilting time! :-)

  8. Last week the Pacific Northwest had four days of snow. It was enough! I feel for everyone who is impacted by this newest storm. Stay warm! (Yogi is adorable.)

  9. It's beautiful! What a treat if you haven't been buried under all winter. Time to play :)
    I love Yogi's bed, I'm sure you've shown it to us, but the colors are wonderful.

  10. I am with yogi.....move there room for me? When these "snow" things happen, it is sometimes just best to stay in bed, or locked up in the sewing room and wait it out. Cheers!

  11. Welcome to my world of snow removal! Be careful out there. I'm with Yogi -- I'd love to be dreaming under the blankets all snuggly and warm!

  12. I sure wish my piece of eastern Washington would get 18"+ of snow! Hope your power stays on and you stay as warm as Yogi is all cuddled on his cushion and under his quilt!

  13. Heard about the snow storms you are having in the US ... The snow photos do look pretty but I know you do have a lot of work removing it....
    Yogi always finds a great spot to sleep.

  14. Oh my . . . years ago when Iived in Richmond a couple of inches was a big deal. Stay safe and warm.


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