Saturday, February 22, 2014

Schnibble Done!!

I chose Carrie’s “Mon Ami” Schnibble to make for free-choice February!!
I used an older Moda collection called “Freebird” by MoMo, and a more subdued fabric for the background to tone it down a bit!!
Very bright colors and a fun modern print.
I used a two stash fabrics for the outer border and the backing!!  LOVE those colorful letters!
But, I want to share an AWESOME app I read about on “I’m a Ginger Monkey” blog.
I downloaded it yesterday and cannot stop playing with it!!
It’s called “Waterloque” and is $2.99 on ITunes App store and will quickly turn your photos into lovely watercolor paintings!!
Aren’t these pix of Yogiboy just AMAZING!!??
So, what are you doing this weekend for fun??


  1. This is a wonderful app, must get it! I love your Yogi and follow you blog daily...the new quilt is great, such happy colors!

  2. what a cool app! I am new to all this blog stuff and am having fun looking around! Makes me what to blog, but I need to get a life to blog about, lol......Looks to be fun :)

  3. Great app! Your pics of Yogi are lovely. Love your quilt and the pretty fabric!

  4. Your quilt is lovely Polly. How clever is that app to change your photos!

  5. The quilt is wonderful, as usual!! I love that app! How creative! I will have to tell my hubby to download it to do some of the kids. Happy quilting!

  6. LOVE that app..too bad I don't have iTunes on my stupid HTC phone. But that will be rectified shortly when I trade it in for an iPhone 5s!! Then I can do those cute watercolor pix on my iTunes, too!! HA

  7. Your quilt is wonderful and I love the backing fabric too! I'll have to check out that app. Yogi's new watercolor portraits are awesome!

  8. Polly your quilt is brilliant and I LOVE Yogi in watercolor. Going to find it so I can immortalize Snowy in watercolor too! Thank you thank you thank you

  9. Your Schnibbles is gorgeous. I love the backing too.

  10. I love your Schnibbles; the fabric is fabulous! I love your watercolor pictures. The pictures of Yogi are wonderful. You should print and sell them!

  11. I love Mon Ami Polly! It is so cute. Good pick for the month! This is going to be a fun parade.

    I might have to go get that ap now for my phone. I love watercolor paintings... this looks like it's so much fun!

  12. Your Mon Ami is wonderful! I love the backing fabric you used :-) fun water colors :-)

  13. Your quilt is a star among the parade. Love the colors and Yogi, of course. Judy C in NC


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