Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Schnibbling Along…

I’ve been sewing on my Schnibble of choice for February! Someone was being very anti-social that day, huh?


This month we got to choose the Schnibble we make!  YAY!!


So, I went through my Schnibble pattern collection, and decided on one I’d never made called “Mon Ami”.


I used 2 charm packs from an older collection from Moda called “Freebird” by MoMo.  Very fun and bright!


I quilted it with a simple stipple all over. We’ve got bee on Friday, so I’ll sew down the binding by hand at bee, and post photos after that!!


I had a little pile of tiny leftover half-square triangle blocks after I finished the Schnibble pieced border.


I always feel so tortured about throwing out even tiny blocks like these…  so I didn’t!!


I made a little zippy bag from them!  Sooo much better than throwing them out, right??  Do you save orphan blocks?


What have you been working on this week?


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  1. Thanks for sharing he idea of making pouches from left over blocks. I have so many random blocks that this would be perfect for. Give Yogi a squeeze for me!

  2. Love your Schnibbles quilt! And, I always save my orphan blocks. I usually make little table mats!

  3. I love your Schnibbles quilt. I also wanted to know about your design wall. Is it on a curtain rod so it can be rolled up? Love the idea. Thanks.

  4. Love your Schnibbles -- need to make mine this weekend -- I always save extra blocks and usually make candle mats -- the bag is a great idea -- perfect little Christmas gifts.
    Happy stitches!

  5. Your Schnibbles are delightful!! I try not to throw anything away, whether I use it right away or save it for later Love your little bag.

  6. Beautiful! Oh, I save even the smallest! I have about a bajillion (ok well maybe not THAT many) from my Celtic Solstice! They are sewn together and awaiting my evil plan! They are 1 1/2 inch squares! Finish at an inch! I LOVE them! Hehe! And I CRINGE to watch people throw those gems out! Ar pay a LOT of money for fabric! I have PROBABLY 6-8 12 inch blocks of 1 inch squares left from my CS. That's a LOT to throw out!

  7. The Schnibble looks awesome and I love the little added pouch. It's so much better than throwing them in the trash.

  8. You create such beautiful quilts. I love the little pouch as well. Do you have a tutorial on how you made it? Keep happy by creating beautiful quilts.

  9. Love the quilt and the cute pouch! Of course, I love to see Yogi! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the Schnibble and that oh so adorable little zippy bag! I bet the hum of your sewing machine really makes Yogi relaxed.

  11. Your quilt is so pretty and I love that cute zippy bag (and it goes without saying that Yogi is just adorable) !! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Love seeing all the things you make!

  13. Your zippy bag is so sweet! But I have to tell you that I am crazy over your "sew... a needle pulling thread"! Did you buy the words somewhere???


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