Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blue Skies Finally!

We finally woke up this morning to clear blue skies. The winds are still blowing, but no more snow falling! Now the worry is that our gutters are filled with snow that melted and is now solid ice. These photos were taken yesterday afternoon after the majority of the snow had stopped.

We shoveled and used the snow blower on the driveway. Also tried to snow blow a newspaper in a bag hidden in a drift of snow. :-( That took a good while to pull out of the blades.

These icicles are quite wicked looking, aren't they!
We hope our gutters will hold until the ice inside melts.

The local school systems here are all closed until Monday at least. Today is the fourth day the federal government has been closed. First time in history!! We are starting to get cabin fever. I miss driving!

I finished all but 2 blocks yesterday from the Schnibbles

"Sunday Best" quilt out of Panache.

So, that is my project for the day!

Up to the sewing room I go!!
Stay warm! :-)


  1. I can imagine once the snow starts melting most will get out due to cabin fever. I'm not envious here of all that cold white stuff. However, stitching and letting it melt off sounds like a wonderful plan.

  2. Whew those icicles are wicked looking! I'd hate to be standing under one when it fell! Glad to hear you have some blue skies again.

    I'm working on a Schnibbles today too, the "Picnic" one.

  3. how lucky to get snow sew days!! we get that much here and nothing shuts down. were just lucky to have a 4wheel drive (and go do some snow doughnuts ;o) glad to hear that all is well and you didnt lose your power. hope you get to enjoy a bright and sunny weekend!

  4. Looks like someone built a snow dog then picked it up!

  5. Ooh, look at those icicles!! I bet you could sell them for a huge lollypop.

    I see they have mailed out my other charm pack I needed to finish my Sunday Best yesterday. I'm making mine bigger than what the pattern calls for. I think I want to drape it over the couch. You know - so the dogs can cuddle...or not..LOL

    Happy sewing!

  6. I am so glad the sun is finally shinning for you. Hopefully you will be done with winter storms!

  7. What great photos,just love the icicles.

    Now I see why you guys make so many quilts. It's because you cannot go anywhere so you sew.


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