Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Best

I finished the "Sunday Best" Schnibbles quilt yesterday.
I used a kit from Corrie at

What a fun little project! I think in my forever house (the house we will someday retire to wherever we decide to go when we're done working), I will have a few smaller quilt racks mounted around the halls and foyer and such so I can showcase all these smaller wall quilts and switch them out for some seasonal variety.

Do you do that?

I enjoyed free-motion quilting it... no marking at all.

I used a variegated soft pastel thread.

I made little pointed leaf shapes in the squares and rectangles and little heart shaped petals in the rounded off squares. I added small soft-brown buttons in the nine background centers just for fun. So, another Scnibbles done! I've still got allot of catching up to do!

For Valentine's Day and just plain cabin fever relief, my husband and I braved the frozen neighborhood roads and went out to dinner at a local sports pub and then out to a movie. We saw "The Wolfman". Good special effects...but the movie was just so so... one you can wait to see when the DVD is released. Then came home and watched the Olympics. :-)

Hubby is out shoveling high drifts of melted roof runoff away from the house. Sooooo hoping we get out of this blizzard snow and ice without roof leaks and such. We are supposed to have school tomorrow after 6 days off... but the neighborhood roads are still so bad... now solid snow and ice pack... not sure how the buses will get through them, so we'll just wait and see.

Am off to sew upstairs... that pile of leftover fat quarter strips from the Full Bloom quilt I just made is calling to me... suggesting a nice springy purse??


  1. Really, really nice and I love your addition of the button and your quilting accents it nicely!

  2. You do such lovely work Polly! I don't currently have any quilts hanging on my walls, I have very limited wall space, but I plan to rectify that with some Schnibbles quilts this year!

  3. That's exactly what I do, Polly. I'm always changing mine out - I love to do that - and gives me more reason to make these wall quilts that ranged from 30 - 42".

    I really, really like the fun way you quilted yours. I'm just about to put the inner border on mine but, as I think I told you, I did mine the bigger size where you make 36 blocks rather than 16. But, so far, I'm quite pleased. My biggest dilemna is how to quilt it. That'll come later tonight or tomorrow night.

    Simply put, You put on your "Sunday Best" today.

  4. I really love your quilt. Great design, fabrics, colors and excellent quilting.


  5. Another beautiful quilt!
    I am glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourselves! ♥

  6. Wow and all finished! Looks great!


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