Monday, February 22, 2010

CGQC Tag- My Favorite things

Ok, so we are to share our favorite things... 
 that is EASY!!
Number one on my list are my boys!!

And this boy, too!!  My sweet westie Yogi!

A quilting project in the works... another Schnibbles!

Our awesome Keurig Coffee maker
with my giant Mom mug!

My Bernina 640 locked and loaded!!

My stash of Chick Flicks !

My room of bliss!

The confused Christmas cactus and
African violets that are
merrily blooming in my dining room
antique window flower box.

The Queen Mother
(aka my HQ 16 sit down machine)

And my new Blackberry Tour phone!
( I love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!)

And last, but NOT least...
YOU!!  All my dear blogging friends!!  :-)


  1. Those are some mighty fine looking boys you've got there Polly! I got the biggest smile though, seeing Yogie's bed right up there on your sewing table. LOL

  2. Enjoyed reading your fun post!

  3. So good to see your not a material girl :-)
    x x x

  4. Nice looking family and darling little Yogi!!

  5. Oh, Polly, I love the pics of ALL your boys, even the little guy with those adorable eyes. And you're right, who doesn't love their Bernina? LOL

    Well, maybe one day we can chat on our new phones. Hubby got me the Droid for my birthday in December - LOL - my new-found best companion that goes with me everywhere. Gee, now I check out blogs wherever I'm at...LOL

    Handsome, handsome men in your family. It's so nice getting to see your family.

    Blessings to you...always. So glad I found you in Blogland.

  6. Great list! I'd put those handsome guys at the top too~ all 4 of them! ;-) LOL

  7. Wonderful list of favorites. :-)

  8. That is a wonderful list. and yes the family tops the list!

  9. Mom,
    How's the Tour treating you? I juuuust put some new songs on mine from itunes - if you haven't done that yet it's very easy. Pop in the software disk and it tells you how to do it.

    Now we just have to find you a new cover that's not :)

    love you guys
    - Ant


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